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Need help dealing with Boomer.

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  • Need help dealing with Boomer.

    Hey folks. I'm an early Gold I player at the moment. I have been encountering a -LOT- of boomers lately, as in probably every match. The ones where I don't see a Boomer are honestly becoming a rarity. While I pride myself on being adaptable against a lot of cards, my deck really needs to win pilot fights to succeed. I am very consistently losing to this one unit - I have some troubles with others, but none as bad as Boomer.

    I'm not here to complain about what I think about the Boomer balance-wise. Instead, I thought I'd try and be more productive than that, and see if anyone here had some advice for how to deal with him, short of a complete overhaul of my current deck, or buying titanic packs until I get a boomer myself.

    My current build is;

    1. Level 8 - Sentry Tech
    2. Level 8 - Gunner
    3. Level 7 - Holo Grenadier
    1. Level 8 - Stryder
    2. Level 8 - Atlas
    3. Level 8 - Core Ogre
    Burn Cards
    1. Level 6 - Shield Grunts
    2. Level 8 - Barrage
    3. Level 7 - Rocket Grunts (thinking if I swap anything out, it'll be these guys)
    4. Level 7 - Spectres

    Thoughts. My Sentry Tech is my most valuable unit, so I try to build around him as he is pretty valuable, albeit a little squishy. I would use a tankier unit in place of Holo Grenadier to support my sentry tech, but Holo Grenadier is just... so good, and he's available for a mere 2 supply (I used to run Pyro Bruiser instead, which worked a fair amount). Gunner is non-negotiable as he's the cheapest and arguably most effective on-demand answer I have when really aggressive Titan units push my base.

    My Titans are as cheap as I can afford to have them while still having them be capable of putting pressure on an enemy base. I very much dislike using Reserve Titans for that reason. Boomer eats Reserves for breakfast anyway. The exception is Core Ogre - the enemy has to have an answer for him or that card alone will win me matches, though, so he feels too valuable to give up, even for the hefty supply cost.

    As far as burn cards are concerned, I have had a lot of trouble using Mines and Sentries reliably, so I've mostly tried to stick to deployable units that can at least capture points. Barrage is the exception, as it feels invaluable when my opponent throws all their pilots at one point. If I were to swap anything out, I'm leaning towards getting rid of my Rocket Grunts, but it's one less source of hardpoint pressure so... I'm reluctant.

    I've considered trying to use Arcfall as a counter, but it tends to feel pretty situational so even when I stick it in a deck, I feel very hesitant to use it for 3 supply.

    Do you have any tactics you're fond of for dealing with Boomers? Any insight you could lend to changes I could make with my deck? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I tend to use mines vs Boomer...I'm sorry you have trouble with them.

    I'm just hoping they nerf him.


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      So on the downside, boomer and a handful of other cards just lead to a bad experience. I'm running this so currently in gold 1, just shy of gold 2.

      Level 8 - Stim Bruiser
      Level 8 - Holo Grenadier
      Level 8 - Pyro Bruiser

      Level 8 - Reserve Ogre
      Level 8 - Smoke Stryder (can be swapped out for a similarly leveled Ronin or Mortar Ogre)
      Level 8 - Core Ogre

      Burn Cards:
      Level 9 - Grunts
      Level 8 - Mine
      Level 8 - Arcfall
      Level 9 - Rocket Grunts

      The arcfall is a decent counter to the boomer (to an extent), unless he is over-leveled (happens in my games a lot now) it will drop his shields and take a chunk out of his health. Typically I start off by sending the pyro bruiser to the far side of bravo, and move the holo-grenadier to the closer side, this puts a distance between him and his targets. Stim bruiser brings up the rear, taking alpha/Charlie (the closest). Honestly when titans become available I usually have 3-5 supply ready to drop the ogre on top of any pesky boomer's, to distract them from my units, and if I need to I can send back out a pilot, or be almost ready to drop the smoke stryder out as well. From there its just sending in grunts to delay caps for the enemy, or to distract a boomer while my pilots drop him. Core ogre just... it works, you can drop it and forget it.


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        Up until recently I used shield grunts instead of rocket grunts, which are viable, but the rocket grunts can melt pilots and grunts/specters if they have a set of regular grunts to take the hits.

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      Phoenixhawk I just made the switch from barrage to mines because I was so hesitant to drop the supply on it and I ended up not using it most games. Mines are helping a little. Just need to get in the swing of using them again. Cheers! Yeah, because Boomer leads to so many rough experiences, it'd be... ideal... if some changes could be made to him. Maybe make him a 4 cost, like Sim Ninja?


      I have gone up against comps like yours before and they're pretty solid. Pyro bruiser gives me a lot of trouble, hah. Still, I think that even though he's strong against my comp, he's pretty balanced out by his less than ideal range and mediocre robotic damage. Curious about your Reserve Ogre. Does he work well in your deck usually? I used to use reserves, but Gunner and Boomer eat them alive. They suck at applying offensive pressure against the enemy base too, in my experience. I might just not be using them right.

      I have considered using Arcfall but the 3 supply cost just rubs me the wrong way. It's a nice advantage against Boomer I guess, but because of his burst he can still get some good damage out before he dies even if his shield is down. Unless the Arcfall guarantees a kill on the Boomer or it hits some other enemies at the same time, it feels like a bad trade. Still, it's a definite option. If Mines don't quite work out, I might have to suck it up and give Arcfall a chance. I guess Arcfall is good against Shield Grunts too, yeah?

      I dislike Rocket Grunts because they're hard countered by Holo Grenadier and can be taken out with a missile for 2 supply, which equals a bad trade every time it happens. If they had a little more health, I'd use them, but it feels too risky most of the time.


      • EchoTempo
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        This comes down to the level thing, if I recall correctly its something like 5% each level up for each of the stats that increases, so every unit just gets beefier and beefier with each level. So a lot of times I can drop the level 9 rocket grunts and my level 9 grunts, and the rocket grunts just shred anything while the regular ones take the hits.

        As for the Reserve titans, it's more so of trying to balance cost. I've found that unless you have a level advantage, having too high of an average cost ends up costing me in the end. The reserve ogre has just enough health at level 8 to survive most fights, and he harasses ground troops/takes aggro, which saves pilots from the boomer/sim ninja. So he can clear hardpoints and fight the infantry, while my higher cost titans are more for the fights between titans and destroying towers.

        Arcfall is in a weird spot, it clears heavy grunts and flat out kills them because of their low health, and depending on the level of the boomer compared to your arcfall It can potentially kill them, but otherwise it just wounds them a ton.

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      Best way to deal with boomer is arcfall/arc mine. The best way to deal with stim ninja is arc mine. These units are the biggest problems. The sentry technology can be super strong on bone yard so that's a great card to get since the bone yard rate of playing on is high right now. We games in one day and I got bone yard half of them


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        I use my gunner as an assassin third string to take out boomers. It works if I can bounce him around with mines and troops.