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Question About Earning New Cards

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  • Question About Earning New Cards

    Hey everyone. So I have a quick question. Can I only unlock cards that are in my skill tier (i.e. Bronze I, Gold III, etc), even if I buy chests. I really would like to buy chests, but if the I can only unlock cards in my tier that would suck. Thanks!

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    I am pretty sure that when you purchase bundles, you have a chance of receiving cards that are above your level. But the caches that you earn from battle, are limited by your rank/level.

    I have not tried and missed out on the $10 Titanic Bundle because of this concern as well.


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      Yes, you only get cards you have unlocked via tier in caches


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        So there is no way to get the sim ninja when I am in BronzeIII?


        • DerpyGuy
          DerpyGuy commented
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          Nope, better start grinding

        • EchoTempo
          EchoTempo commented
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          Well from what I've experienced, the crates you can get in the marketplace may be able to contain cards not unlocked yet.

        • Theologian
          Theologian commented
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          I find this hard to believe having faced Sim Ninja's from very early in the game and from my games it would appear cards are available that are out with your level as long as you are willing to spend cash. So spend away!!!!! Buy your way to the top!!!!