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Question About Earning New Cards

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  • Question About Earning New Cards

    Hey everyone. So I have a quick question. Can I only unlock cards that are in my skill tier (i.e. Bronze I, Gold III, etc), even if I buy chests. I really would like to buy chests, but if the I can only unlock cards in my tier that would suck. Thanks!

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    I am pretty sure that when you purchase bundles, you have a chance of receiving cards that are above your level. But the caches that you earn from battle, are limited by your rank/level.

    I have not tried and missed out on the $10 Titanic Bundle because of this concern as well.


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      Yes, you only get cards you have unlocked via tier in caches


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        So there is no way to get the sim ninja when I am in BronzeIII?


        • DerpyGuy
          DerpyGuy commented
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          Nope, better start grinding

        • EchoTempo
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          Well from what I've experienced, the crates you can get in the marketplace may be able to contain cards not unlocked yet.