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Question about units upgrades

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  • Question about units upgrades

    Hi pilots,

    I have some questions .. I am new with this kind of mobile games ;-)
    Then I just finished Titanfall II on PS4 .. I like this game.

    First, I didn't understand very well how units upgrades all along the game :

    - Photo 1 : Why we have the possibility to buy copy of units in the market (first menu on the bottom) ?
    - Photo 2 : What represent the green progress bar with numbers in each sides .. in the popup, when you select a Titan or pilot in your squad menu ?

    Thats all, for the moment, than you !
    About upgrades green progress bar About Units to buy

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    witchgunn Thanks for making us one of your first mobile games! Here's some info to help you out:

    Each card you get from a cache or direct purchase (Photo 1) adds it to your collection. If you already own the unit, a duplicate card equates to XP (experience).

    The green meter in Photo 2 is the XP bar. When it is fully green, you are able to spend Credits to Upgrade that unit, increasing it's Level (making it stronger in Battle). The number is the amount of XP needed to upgrade to the next level. In your Photo 2, you have 26 out of the 25 XP needed to upgrade the Reserve Atlas, which is more than enough (the extra point will roll over to the next level). Another cue that a unit is ready to upgrade is the button in the bottom left of Photo 2 ("Niveau Sup.") which turns orange.

    An important distinction is that in TFA, your Profile Level limits how high you can upgrade your units. For example, at Level 2, you cannot upgrade your units higher than Level 3. Level up you Profile through Battle to increase the upgrade threshold for you units.

    One last bit of info - In TFA, different rarities for cards equate to different amounts of XP. 1 Common Card = +1 XP. 1 Rare Card = +5 XP. 1 Epic Card = +25 XP. 1 Legendary Card = +250 XP.