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10/26 - October Update Patch Notes v 2.1.0

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  • 10/26 - October Update Patch Notes v 2.1.0

    10/26 Update Notes What’s New Version 2.1.0

    October Features

    Amp Field Burn Card

    Supercharges friendly units within an area, increasing rate of attack, score, capture, and more!

    Time Field Burn Card

    Counters Amp Field by slowing enemy units within an area.

    Streamlined FTUE

    Multi-part lessons have been combined for fewer steps in between, reducing drop-off points and overall time to complete Training.

    Colony Map

    New map with unique weather effects and a flooding mechanic that submerges and destroys a Hardpoint mid-match.

    Battle Streaks

    Each consecutive day you Battle earns increasing rewards, including caches and Legendary cards.

    Titan TV

    View Top Replays from each Rank, automatically curated from users around the world.

    Casual Battle Mode

    Risk-free Battles (no trophies lost) which rewards direct XP on your Squad.

    Contextual based (iOS Stickers)

    New and updated stickers that includes more fun and useful messaging more for day-to-day texts.

    Balance Changes

    • Stuns no longer gain duration per card level, the level 1 stun durations have been doubled to make their durations about the same as their previous level 10 versions
    • Pathfinding improvements have been made to all maps to improve unit path predictability and to address areas that allowed units to be bumped into walls

    • Boomers’s Supply Cost increased from 3 to 4
    • Charge Sniper now pre-charges his attacks when out of combat
    • Gunner’s initial attack rate increased from .6 to .9
      • Note: it still maxes out at .1 attack per second after 6 seconds
    • Holo Pilot’s Supply Cost increased from 2 to 3
    • Pyro Bruiser’s thermite pool now deals 33% less damage to Robotics
    • Sim Ninja’s DPS vs. Robotics reduced by 33%
    • Sim Ninja’s drop pod now only deals trivial longer deals impact damage
    • Sniper no longer attacks Titans or Turrets
    • Sniper’s reload time increased to 3.2 from 2.0
    • Sniper’s level 1 damage vs. Humans increased from 168 to 219
    • Sniper’s level 1 damage vs. Robotics increased from 84 to 109
    • Spectre Captain’s range increased from 13 to 17
    • Stim Bruiser’s self healing increased by 33%
    • Striker’s DPS increased by 37%

    • Arc Ronin stun duration increased by 50% (now lasts .75s)
    • Core Ion’s level 1 doomed health increased to 1550 from 1300
    • Ion’s DPS vs. Robotics reduced by 20%
    • Nuke Atlas Supply Cost reduced to 4 from 5
    • Ronin’s DPS vs. Robotics reduced by 20%
    • Sniper Ion knockback increased by 50%
    • Sniper Ion now has a dash and can dash once per 4 seconds
    • Sniper Ion now counts for the Sniper Objective
    • Stryder’s DPS vs. Robotics reduced by 20%
    • Thermal Scorch frontal damage reduction increased to 75% from 50%
    • Thermal Scorch damage output increased by 25%

    Burn Cards
    • Grunt and Spectre drop pods no longer deal impact damage
    • Amp Field no longer increases hitpoint decay on Depots, Drones, and Sentries
      • Note: This creates a new combo, allowing depots to produce more when buffed by an Amp Field
    • Amp Field no longer affects Drones
    • Amp Field now correctly increases hardpoint scoring speed
    • Arcfall now stuns Robotics for 1 second
    • Arcfall can now damage Drones
    • Arc Mine cost reduced to 2 from 3
    • Arc Mine no longer stuns Humans
    • Arc Mine no longer deals damage unless triggered by an enemy entering trigger range
    • Depot drop level 1 damage increased to 125 from 50 (now the same as Titanfall impact damage)
    • Drone level 1 health reduced to 200 from 250
    • Blast Depot’s spawning increased to 7 Blast Spectres from 6 Blast Spectres
    • EMP damage reduced by 28%
    • Mine damage vs. Robotics reduced by 33%
    • Mine no longer deals damage unless triggered by an enemy entering trigger range
    • Missile can now damage Drones
    • Missile damage increased by 33%
    • Missile Barrage can now damage Drones
    • Personal Shield’s AoE size increased from 12.5 to 17.5
    • Personal Shield’s shielding amount doubled
    • Reaper Brawler’s AoE size increased by 1 meter
    • Reaper Brawler’s health increased by 17%
    • Reaper Brawler no longer deals impact damage
    • Rocket Grunt’s spawn sickness reduced to 1 second from 3 seconds
    • Rocket Sentry can now attack flying units that are within its minimum range (12.5m)
    • Sniper Spectres no longer attack Titans
    • Spectre Depot’s health increased by 25%
    • Spectre Depot now spawns 2 Spectres at a time but the delay between spawns has been increased
    • Spectre Depot’s spawning increased to 8 Spectres from 7 Spectres
    • Time Field no longer decreases hitpoint decay on Depots, Drones, and Sentries
    • Time Field no longer affects Drones
    • Time Field now correctly reduces hardpoint scoring speed