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Patch Notes 10/05 (V 2.0.3) - Matchmaker Improvements

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  • Patch Notes 10/05 (V 2.0.3) - Matchmaker Improvements

    10/5 Update Notes

    For Version 2.0.3

    Matchmaker improvements
    • To help ease new users into the Ranks system, players in Bronze will no longer lose Trophies when they are defeated in Battle.
    • Players in Silver will lose fewer Trophies when defeated, helping them move up the Ranks and out of Silver.
    • Players can no longer fall out of Silver I, Gold I, or Titanium I. This both gives players a safety net and prevents players from intentionally dropping to lower Ranks.
    • Players at numerous Ranks will now be paired with opponents of more similar Squad Levels. This should prevent players from facing tougher than intended competition.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Daily Card purchases in Market buying too many cards.
    • Display bug fixed in cache opening sequence.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Amp Field: It’s time to get amped! Supercharge all friendly units within the targeted area. Amp Field increases the attack, movement, depot production, capture and scoring speeds within its radius.
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