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Titan Showdown Community Event Info

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  • Titan Showdown Community Event Info

    Who’s your favorite Titan? For the next week, we will track which Titans win the most Battles. The winning chassis determines your reward at the end of the event!
    • The contestants are divided into 3 groups -- Light (all Stryder and Ronin Titans), Medium (all Atlas, Ion, and Vanguard Titans), and Heavy (all Ogre and Scorch Titans).
    • To participate, you need to Battle during the event period, which starts on 9/25 (5PM UTC) and ends on 10/1 (5AM UTC). The more Titans of a particular chassis type in your Squad, the more each win influences the outcome.
    • Come back every day to see which Titans are in the lead. Now, go stack your Squad with your favorite Titans and get out there and win!