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  • Black Sheep Squadron (guild)

    Black Sheep is a casual, gamer friendly guild whose goals are to enjoy the game while balancing their personal life. I ask that players take an interest in the game and show self-improvement and participation. Casual players are given a 7 day inactivity period and must contribute a minimum of 500 points during guild events.

    I have set up a Discord channel for those who would like to discuss/talk tactics as they challenge other guildmates. Additionally, I created a FB group (Titanfall Back Sheep) for members to have game/guild discussions without having to be in game all the time. The game drains my iphone battery something fierce! It is also where my Officers discuss Squadron policy.

    If you’re interested, request a transfer into the Black Sheep!

    *Transmission out*

    Artful Dodger
    Black Sheep