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A.I.M. is Advanced Idea Mechanics

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  • A.I.M. is Advanced Idea Mechanics

    Here at A.I.M. we strive to enjoy all aspects of this digital gaming community, from perfecting the art of our headshots, on up to sipping sangria from the comfort of our Titan control harness. Each and every day we grow, and on special events every 10 days we engage in the 3 day guild event to fill our caches with goodies and levels. We're a public guild with aspirations for something grander and in that spirit we perform post event cullings from the members that decided to not participate adequately. If after one of these events you would like to join us, then by all means apply. Our current requirements are a trophy score of 1375 and a willingness to contribute 1200 points toward the previously mentioned guild events. Thanks for your consideration, and may the dab be with you. @#&
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