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  • T.A.C. is looking for members!

    The Average Casuals are looking for members.

    As the guild leader I'm looking for members who are enjoying the game and want to keep playing it alongside others. I'm not asking for people to be always online and playing, but I'd like to see more active members during the guild objectives. The motto of The Average Casuals is "We suck at games so you don't have to." with that I don't imply that we're bad by any means, but we're willing to make the choices in games that seem less beneficial or kind of crazy so that we can test it out and see if it works. If you have an idea for a squad but don't have the cards yet, I'm more than willing to take some losses to see if it works, and I'd hope the rest of the guild would be just as ready to help out someone wanting to plan a squad.

    Beyond that, I just want you guys to have as much fun as I am with this game, and to hopefully see it grow.

    EchoTempo out.