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  • Status of matchmaking

    I'm glad the recent update (on 10/5) attempted to fix some of the big issues with matchmaking but some major issues are still present. I can completely understand that the higher in rank you climb the less there are pool of players to match with. But being matched up with someone 3 tower levels above you is extremely frustrating.

    As a level 10 I am frequently in rounds with level 12-13. And its an immediate loss. The only chance of winning is if they disconnect or by some miracle your squad is the perfect counter to theirs. One round I had a level 8 gunner and they had a level 16 gunner. There's no victory there just extreme frustration.

    Trust me I don't mind losing at all- its part of the game. But to constantly be matched with people 2-3 tower levels above you is an instant loss and honestly drains all the fun out of the game.

    And by no means am I ever ranked with tower levels 7-8 that would be too unfair =).

    Love the game but this needs to be fixed. Badly!

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one having this issue. Matchmaking is a joke in the game, all they want is your money. Pay and you'll level up and beat the player who didn't pay. If they didn't want your money they would've addressed this already. Its common sense that someone 2 Turret levels above you is going to have an advantage.


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      The matchmaking is soooo bad. I've reached Gold 1 and cannot get any further and am stuck on 2600 points. I reached Gold fairly quickly winning most of my games but now am facing players whose card levels are way higher than mine, players in some cases should be in Gold 2 with the highest I've played having 3112 points and I'm on the brink of un-installing this game. This game has so much potential but is completely broken. While I'm on my soap box........why does it take so long to get a Titan on the field, by that I mean you know at the 3 minute mark you can get Titans so why when you let your resources build up to the required amount it then takes a further 4 seconds for you to able to pick and deploy meaning you are a further few more seconds til it arrives on the batle field whilst the opposition bang on 3 minute mark drops in 2 Titans??!! BROKEN!!