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Victory XP ... current guild objective

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  • Victory XP ... current guild objective

    The current guild objective is "activate victory xp for burn cards". Awesome ... what the hell are victory xp, and how do you get them?

    I know what a burn cards is. Cool.
    I know what profile experience points are and how to get those, but that's not victory xp.
    Victory XP isn't covered in any of the tutorial missions.
    I checked to see if leveling up a bonus card gave whatever the hell victory xp is. It does not.

    I did some searches in the forums for "victory xp" and I didn't get anything.
    I'm in two guilds (via two devices) and I asked in each guild chat and no one has responded (which may be because people don't know, even the ones who are getting the points, and it may be because chat is implemented poorly and there's no notification when anyone has said anything).

    Bonus question: ... why does the guild progress meter for how many points you have immediately say "objective ended" is that just another problem with these game mechanics, and something to be ignored or what?

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    XP gained from battles, just keep playing like usual