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Just won a match, and the replay shows that I won, but it is listed as a defeat

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  • Just won a match, and the replay shows that I won, but it is listed as a defeat

    I just won a match versus "Tesselle" and I won by getting to 100 (100-22 in fact), and as the fireworks were going off, it listed as a defeat, and then the score changed to 67-100...a loss for me. The replay clearly shows that I won, but then lists it as a defeat. How/where can I report this?

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    In my case I was winning and suddenly the game stoppedd as if my main turret was destroyed. In the replay the result is completely different.


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      I have something like that as well. Since I playing on Titan rank every second match if not every match I play like that.
      It's look more like a cheat, as I watch replays and come to 2 types of it.
      1. Delay - it's when you reach 100 points but match is not ending. And somehow opponent gain a lot of points for little time though having only one or none captured zones.
      2. Relocating points - I experienced it frequently. You winning in the match and have, for example 90 points against 80 enemy points. Though he have no zone suddenly he gain 20 points at moment notice. He won you lose.
      As I said it looks like cheating. Though I have no idea how this work but it killing all joy from playing.
      So IMHO I think anti-cheat system need improvement.


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        Exactly the same experience as all of these guys above. Great game spoiled by bugs. Won't be playing until this is sorted as sinking time into something only to be dumped on as a reward isn't the most persuasive of ways to turn a free player into a paid player.


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          I had the same thing just happen to me! How do we get this corrected?