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Battle Issues Sync and Losing/Winning when the opposite actually happens

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  • Battle Issues Sync and Losing/Winning when the opposite actually happens

    Since the updates yesterday, it seems that there are quite a few issues happening when on the screen (and replay) it shows achieving either victory or defeat and the game calling for something different at the end of the match.

    I have two examples from this morning in my replay section that show "defeat" when in fact it was a victory. And just a moment ago, a battle was close to matched and suddenly my heavy turret blows up (nothing was near it) and defeat was declared. If you watch the replay, you can clearly see where the game "ended" however the actual game play continued and my opponent won via hard point capture 98 to 100 as I was unable to continue playing (supply meter goes full etc..)

    Is this a known issue? Do you happen to have an ETA?

    I am happy to try and send in recordings if that is helpful.


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    this needs to be addressed quickly. It HAD to happen just before a guild event as if things werent already hard enough. Im not spending a single dollar on this game if matches cant even go correctly


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      I have filed a support request with Nexon as well. I have provided multiple screen shots and examples that continue throughout the day. The game is borderline unplayable with this type of a glitch. My most recent example was a 100 to 13 win that is recorded as a 67 to 100 loss! I have screenshots through the entire replay - it's simply unacceptable for a game that has hit "prime time" to have such basic problems.

      I hope to hear from Nexon sometime soon.


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        I went through the same thing. I had screenshots and everything and was still told they are aware of the issue bug intend to do nithing about it. I was floored after reading the response.