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I get 100 point they don't and I lose?!?!?!

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  • I get 100 point they don't and I lose?!?!?!

    I have been tryin to get this on video but the game won't let me record. But I collect 100 points and they don't and don't destroy my base and some how I lose the match. This has happened to me twice now. Even the replays show I have a score that loses but when you load the match it shows that I won and got the winning points and I lose trophies to boot. Please fix this bug or allow me to save my replays to my phone so I can upload it so you can see.

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    You guys seem to be having another issue where the match just ends claiming a random as the winner even if they are losing. You might want to check to see what's going on


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      me and my wife play together on different phones and we have come across this ALOT ever since that new burn card update dropped. looks like not enough bug testing was done and they broke something. matchmaking in general is so one-sided to begin with and then this happens


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        okay this glitch is ****ING AGGRAVATING at this point IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING ****


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          I also have been subjected to this issue. I saved all the screenshots for the tech who was assisting and uploaded for review. Afterwards he said they are aware of the issue, don't care, and won't be doing anything about it. Made me pretty crabby.