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What needs to happen for TFA to flourish!

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  • What needs to happen for TFA to flourish!

    Ok so you have a fun game with cool graphics, solid gameplay, and brand recognition, great start! However my enthusiasm has already tanked after a couple weeks, so these are my suggestions.

    1: Card Xp for just playing based on rank. People need to feel progression and this game hits a brick wall incredibly fast. Also you are heavily incentivized to purposely lose rank ( destroyng match maker) for events and even buy cheaper caches that target fewer cards! Player lvl is completely meaningless, his is really horrible design. Higher ranks and season rewards need to scale meaningfully, and I should have some hope that i will get higher level cards!

    2: More guild purpose and social capabilities. The chat is awful and there is almost no reason to be in a guild. Why are over half my opponents in titanium 3 guildless? We should have daily guild missions, guild wars, personal messaging, and more. Strong communities keep a game going long past its probable expiration. This forum is also a ghost town and it took a week for my first post to get approved, unacceptable!

    3: Skill based tournaments! All cards lvl 1 but compete with others in your rank so personal collection still matters. Drafting could later be added where decks created with banns and unique picks maybe best 2of3. A lot of options here and this is what has to happen for a true e-sports scene to arize. You have the potential here don't just make this another gambling app please have some vision and integrity!

    There are many more things to add like seasonal events, balancing, 2v2, or customizations but these three main points should be in top priority! I have some faith in the developers, so let's see, hopefully they can lead TFA to glory!
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    100% correct about the 'brick wall' being hit super fast. Given I've been having issues even connecting to a match all of a sudden, the two things have pretty much killed my motivation to even open the game. Couple that with the scroll-issue I keep having on Crash Site (see the thread) and it just feels like "Eh, why bother? Only wins matter, and the game and matchmaking are making that nigh impossible, so why bother?"


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      Yea losses need to count for more but with diminishing returns, especially in events. Im sure there are ways to fix this game so hope they do it soon...