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Ideas for New Titans, Pilots, and Burn Cards!

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  • Ideas for New Titans, Pilots, and Burn Cards!

    This is a list of ideas I have for future TFA updates.

    All ideas I have will be listed below this text.




    Legion (6 Supply) - Perhaps if the Legion is added, it could target ground infantry such as groups of Grunts or Spectres. With its heavy minigun, it can quickly dispatch groups of enemies while also being capable of dishing out a fair amount of damage to Titans. Due to its high amount of armor, its movement speed would be greatly lacking, but it'd more than make up for that in sheer firepower, just as its Titanfall 2 counterpart does. The Legion would basically be a sort of mop-up unit, being useful for quickly clearing the path for allied units, but slow in that its minigun will take time to get spinning and also its overall walking speed. While most effective against stationary targets such as a group of Grunts or a Turret, it can also be effective against much more mobile units, such as Pilots and Spectres, but only if it can manage to catch them either the moment its gun begins firing, or while it's already firing. But, if the Pilot or Spectre is occupied with taking out a target, the Legion should be more than capable of picking them off. The Legion may be slow, but if used correctly, it may lead you to a swift victory.

    Core Legion (7 Supply) - When, and if, the Legion is added to the game, I'd say a Core variant would be a nice addition to the roster. Implementing the Smart Core, it will focus on targeting opposing Titans, acting as a sort of wall between the titans and your base, but projectiles will also hit pilots and infantry if they are within the Titan's field of view, dealing far more damage against pilots and infantry than they will against titans for obvious reasons. Due to limitations in the production process, the Smart Core will not allow for prolonged periods of continuous fire, the Titan being required to stop firing so its weapon can cool down. Along with the Smart Core comes a shield that would only protect the Core Legion from frontal assaults, but attacks from the side and also from behind will still damage it, meaning that if an enemy unit can manage to get around it, the Titan won't be capable of defending itself against them as its minigun is already revved up and firing. While the Smart Core is active, not only will the Core Legion not be capable of turning itself around, but it will also be stuck moving at a snail's pace as it fires away and oncoming enemy forces. Upon dealing enough damage to enemy Titans, it will make an attempt at terminating them by using up its core charge to fire a volley of smart bullets into the Titan, tearing it apart. (I don't quite know how it would work, since the Smart Core basically just makes the bullets seek enemies within the Titan's view, but I'm certain something could work.)

    Northstar [Epic] (5 Supply) - Perhaps, like its Titanfall 2 counterpart, it could be a sniping unit, using its Plasma Railgun to pick off/damage targets from afar. Due to its maneuverability, this would make the Northstar a real threat on the battlefield if action is not taken quickly.

    Core Northstar [Legendary] (6 Supply) - With the appearance of a Northstar Prime (or similar), the Core Northstar will take advantage of its Flight Core, taking to the skies and raining a barrage of missiles down upon the battlefield. As expected, it will have noticeably more health and attack power than that of the base Northstar.

    Brute (6 Supply) - Similar to the Northstar in terms of health, the Brute will use a Quad Rocket to deal damage to enemies within its range. It will target any enemy within its sight, but due to the Quad Rocket's relatively slow rate of fire, the Titan would be quite open to damage without backup.

    Tone (6 Supply) - Unlike its Titanfall 2 counterpart, the Tone would be using its Tracker Cannon as a weapon and nothing else. The cannon would deal a moderate amount of damage per shot and have a decently fast rate of fire to compensate for its relatively low damage output, similar to its Titanfall 2 counterpart.




    Pulse Blade [Epic] (3 Supply) - A Pulse Blade Pilot with rather high speed that throws Pulse Blades to attack. Unlike their base counterparts, these Pulse Blades don't serve the purpose of echolocators, and are simply damaging throwing weapons. The Pulse Blades thrown will, also, not kill the target instantly upon making contact. Perhaps they could simply be called Throwing Knives, or something along those lines...

    Twin Sniper [Epic] (3/4 Supply) - A militia sniper pilot wielding a D-2 Double Take sniper rifle. Being a sniper, this Pilot would much rather stay at a distance than get up close and personal with their targets. Unlike a normal sniper however, the rifle they wield fires projectiles that can pierce through multiple targets, making it a very useful unit when it comes to taking out groups of enemies. The further the projectile goes, the less damage it deals, however, meaning that targets that are closer to the sniper will take the most damage, whereas any enemies that get hit afterward will take noticeably less damage.

    Sim Elite [Epic] (4 Supply) - A Stim Simulacrum wielding a G2A5 Battle Rifle, making it suitable for picking off single targets due to their weapon's single bullet fire. Due to the semi-automatic nature of the weapon, the pilot is very accurate at the expense of defense, meaning that you should prioritize in finding a spot that doesn't have all that many enemies to send them to. Unlike regular pilots, they focus on more than just taking back hardpoints. Along with capturing hardpoints, they also focus on picking off enemy pilots in an attempt to prevent the enemy from capturing a hardpoint. They can deal a pretty decent amount of damage to grunts, but only about half as much damage when it comes to spectres. The damage dealt to pilots is roughly half the damage dealt to grunts, maybe less.

    Gates [Legendary] (3 Supply) - Gates of the 6-4 will be called in to help support your team with her trusty Hammond P2016 sidearm. She'll focus on taking out enemy pilots with her pistol if she's got enough distance between her and her target, but if she gets up close and personal, she'll use CQC to her advantage. She'll basically be a sort of wall between enemy pilots and their designated targets, and if used correctly, can easily turn the tide of a battle. Her pistol would deal a moderate amount of damage to pilots and infantry, and her CQC would deal a relatively high amount of damage to them, but when faced against robotic units, she'd be at a disadvantage, but not out of the game.

    Bear [Legendary] (3 Supply) - Bear of the 6-4 will be called in to support your team. Using his Mastiff Shotgun, he'll focus on taking out groups of enemy units, making him very effective against squads of Grunts and Spectres, moreso Grunts than Spectres, however. While his shotgun may be good against groups of enemy units, it's only really efficient at close range, making it almost useless at long distances, and also meaning that Bear would have to get fairly close to his target in order to deal optimal damage, giving units with much more range a chance to take him out before he gets close enough to them. While he may be quite swift on the battlefield, he's at an incredibly disadvantage when faced off against enemies with greater range than he has, but his armor SHOULD help him stay alive...right?

    Davis [Legendary] (3 Supply) - Former member of the 6-4, Davis will be called in for support. Davis, with his trusty L-STAR, will tear through machinery in an instant, prioritizing in taking out enemy turrets to help aid allied units in the heat of battle. Davis is just as agile as any other pilot, taking advantage of his surroundings in order to easily gain access to enemy constructs. Even when there are no turrets on the battlefield, he is still a threat to be reckoned with, and despite his favorable damage output against mechanical units, he's still efficient at taking out human targets, but he may need aid from a friend.

    Droz [Legendary] (4 Supply) - Former member of the 6-4, Droz will be called in to lend a hand. Droz, armed with a Thunderbolt, will do anything in his power to take enemy Titans down. Droz's agility is hampered by the weight of the Thunderbolt he's armed with, but what he lacks in movement speed, he more than makes up for in sheer firepower. The Thunderbolt fires an arc projectile that flies in a straight line until it hits something, where it will then explode arc explosion, which will deal major damage to mechanical units upon making contact, with its AOE effect dealing somewhat heavy damage to surrounding mechanical units. Upon hitting a human unit, the projectile will somewhat heavy damage, with the AOE dealing moderate damage to surrounding human units. Think of the Thunderbolt's projectiles as rockets with a favoring for mechanical things. Due to the Thunderbolt's rather slow rate of fire, only being capable of firing one projectile at any given time, he's left very vulnerable to attack, so he may need help from a friend.

    (Davis and Droz could have some banter unique to them when both are on the field at the same time, much like how BT and Jack Cooper do.)


    Burn Cards


    Ticks [Rare] (3 Supply) - Ticks will be deployed in a similar manner to that of a Mine, and upon deployment, they will begin advancing on any enemy units within range, namely Titans, as their large size and high firepower makes them an immediate threat, but will also target pilots and infantry. They're quick to utilize the environment around them to their advantage, making no area safe from their advancements. One drawback to the Tick is that they're incredibly lightly armored, meaning that a few well placed shots will take them out, but be warned, if they're close enough, the explosion will still deal damage, but maybe not nearly as much as it would have otherwise.

    Mortar Spectres [Epic] (5 Supply) - When deployed, a group of four Spectres equipped with mortar launchers will begin making its way up and onto higher ground. They have relatively long range, making them a rather big threat if not dealt with quickly, as they will take immediate aim at the enemy base's Medium and Heavy Turrets, causing moderate damage with each successful volley of mortars launched. While they may be threatening if not dealt with quickly, they're not all that good at CQC, meaning that a pilot rushing up to them will likely come out victorious.

    Stalker Depot [Legendary] (6 Supply) - Think of it like the Spectre Depot, but with Stalkers. It can be dropped in any area the player has access to, and will stay in its designated spot and continuously deploy Stalkers at a constant rate until either its timer runs out or it's destroyed by the enemy. The Stalker Depot could be used to form a sort of wall between Pilots and Grunts and the Hardpoints, 'forcing them to have to deal with the Stalkers before they can gain access to the Hardpoint. The main drawback of having a Stalker Depot on the field would be if there were a Hardpoint on an elevated platform. Since the Stalkers produced wouldn't be capable of reaching it, the depot wouldn't be as effective in that manner. While placing the depot on the same platform as the Hardpoint seems like an effective strategy, it really wouldn't be, as all stalkers produced would be stuck on that single platform, unable to move from their positions. This COULD be useful, but they could also be used to gain traction in a battle on the ground, maybe even turn the tides of the fight. Use this depot wisely.

    Heavy Sentry [Legendary] (5 Supply) - A sentry that focuses its attention moreso on Titans than anything else. Firing powerful projectiles not unlike that of a Reaper's rockets or projectiles fired from the EM-4 Cold War, the damage one of these sentries could deal to a Titan really depends on just how long the Titan is within its line of sight. Firing in bursts of about six projectiles with a cooldown time of about two seconds between each burst, the sentry can be a real threat to Titans if it's not taken care of quickly. Since it focuses most of its attention on Titans (only really focusing on Pilots and infantry if no Titans are within its general range) a single Pilot could easily take one out. As the projectiles fired deal moderately high amounts of damage to Titans, they'll cause trouble for Pilots if no Titans are within range, as they deal explosive damage, making it quite dangerous if only a single pilot is around. To compensate for its rather high damage output, its range is relatively short, basically requiring for the target to be almost directly in front of it to be effective. This works for Titans, as they're quite large, but with Pilots, they would already be within general firing range.




    (While this is likely the longest section of the list in its entirety, I do not expect for each map to be released all at the same time. This list is simply here to list maps that I feel would be right at home in TFA. Some of these maps could even be used for different game modes such as the ones used in Frontier Defense and Live Fire.)

    War Games



    Black Water Canal

    Zone 18



    Outpost 207







    Smuggler's Cove




    Dig Site







    Forwardbase Kodai








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    Feel free to tell me if this wasn't posted in the correct location, I found no such threads like this one...

    Also, I will be adding onto this list from time to time, so please check back regularly! It'll take time for me to come up with future ideas, but when I do, I'll add it to the list!
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      I like your idea for the ticks, especially if they can take out a boomer, because that unit is way too strong as is and has no good counters. I think it would be a good idea for the legion or core legion to target the lowest health unit and finish them off in that order, or target pilots first maybe. The core Ronin idea would be broken as can be if it got stronger and had more health, but I don't really see where else it could go unless maybe its a phase ronin instead? Using phase shift to temporarily escape fire and remove aggro.


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        I wasn't entirely sure what to do about the Core Ronin idea, but I figured I'd put it in the list since it was on my mind. I believe a Phase Shift Stryder is in the making, so that one may be ruled out. Not sure yet. It was rather late for me, too, and my train of thought was dwindling while I was typing everything, so I may go back and revise some things.


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          I think you have a lot of great ideas, but I'm torn between wanting new content and wanting some serious reviews on balance.


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            All of these ideas are all subject to change, but the base concepts for each (the types of Titans, Pilots, and Burn Cards), will still remain, no matter what I choose to do with them. Given my experience as a Pulse Blade pilot, the sprint isn't all that quick, being about average, but that may be normal. I still like that particular type of pilot, however. They look really ace.


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              Oh definitely, I love the pulse blade appearance. I'm actually sad we can't just customize our pilots. My favorite is running stim and melee'ing people to death. The key to remember is that if they don't go down in one hit, you're not going fast enough.


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                New unique pilots will soon replace the NPC-based ones. Keep an eye out!

                Sorry about my lack of activity, I've been very busy with work these past few weeks, and haven't been capable of doing much in terms of coming up with new ideas. But, some ideas have come to me, and I will get right to working on putting those in the list!
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                  Core ronin: 7 supply, always dashes, attack speed increase to twice of ronins and thow's a high damage red Arc wave like core scorch does with flame wave.

                  Legion: 5 supply, it is like a a mortar ogre but focused burn cards units and pilots and shoots from afar.

                  Blast legion: 5 supply, same as legion but close range and uses shot gun blast every now and then.

                  core legion: 8 supply, like a gunner only titan form

                  Northstar: 4 supply, like sniper ion but weaker and launches traps to hold titans. And focuses titans and building's

                  Threat Northstar: 5 supply, focuses pilots and grunts(also drones) fires quicker for less damage and fires a cluster missiles every 5 seconds

                  core Northstar: 7 supply, focuses titans and buildings and fires from far away and every so often flies up out of melee attack range and blasts missiles.

                  Tone: 5 supply, focuses titans and pilots, mid range, fires 3 shots and then missile barrage

                  burst tone: 6 supply, like tone but fires the 3 shots in a burst and then a second later missiles and the 3 seconds 3 burst again.

                  core tone: 7 supply fires regular shots and every 5 seconds fires off a missile wave over environment towards main turret.

                  these are a few ideas I have


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                    Those are some really good ideas! Kinda' wish I'd included a supply amount in my ideas, but I suppose my descriptions more than make up for it. I'll work on this some more, I swear!

                    To everyone: Feel free to add your own ideas to this post, if you'd like!
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                      Does anybody know if there's a way to change the title of the thread?