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From Azeroth to OZ

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  • From Azeroth to OZ

    I was an avid World of Warcraft player years back till i quit due to job and other time constraints. Although i used to game mostly on PC, i really enjoyed completing all the Halo and Gears of War series among other great games on Xbox 360. After getting a new iPhone 7 as gift, i decided to try out this game which was shown in the keynote. I was impressed after playing for sometime and here i am few weeks later

    Few details on me :


    Calcutta (India)

    Your favorite Hero?

    Master Chief of Halo

    What do you do on your down time?

    Love to go on road trips, click pics and play more and more games

    If you could have one superpower, what would that be?

    Teleport (Mages in Warcraft). Who doesn't want to go places in the blink of an eye ?

    What i like about this game ?

    1: RPG element which i am a fan of since WOW. OZ theme is also nice, making it the second OZ game i played after Temple Run.

    2: Not too complicated like Hearthstone, i remember my frost mage while playing Scarecrow.

    What i don't ?

    1: Free to play mechanics and reliability on in game purchases to progress in normal pace. I prefer a flat out purchase, even a small subscription fee instead of F2P mechanics. But that's just me.

    2: Unified android & iOS account like we have in Hearthstone. This is a must ! I use both device. Also in future if i change device and switch platform i don't want to lose my character and purchases !

    Well that's all for today. See you guys in OZ !