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    Citizens of Oz!

    We’ve noticed your comments on the forums and social media expressing concerns regarding missing trophies, and some have reported seeing their hero in the arena while offline. We want to address these concerns and provide some additional information on how our game works.

    First and foremost, the sudden loss of trophies is not related to the PvP season change nor to your hero being seen offline. A trophies announcement was made on December 5th and we did inform everyone that if you had more than 5,000+ trophies when the PvP season ends, it will reset back to 5,000 with the start of a new season. During this past week, there were some accounts affected by a bug that resulted in a sudden loss of trophies. The loss of trophies issue was fixed shortly after receiving these reports.

    Additionally to the PVP synchronous system Oz: Broken Kingdom, PvP also has an async battle system. This allows the game to randomly generate a computer opponent for you. This only occurs if a user searches for a match and after the systems several attempts it can’t locate an opponent that meets certain thresholds for a worthy match. This system will create an AI Opponent which will clone a users battle setup from a certain point, when this cloning takes place it also duplicates the users name. However, when a cloned battle setup AI opponent loses or comes out victorious, it doesn’t affect the user which it was cloned from in any way. Nothing is lost or gained. Rest assured, this game mechanic is common to many games with this type of arena system.