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  • Tin man stun

    noticed today on three separate occasions that my Tin crusher, which always stuns opponent, instead stunned me. Lost those games. Seems like they were all against Ophelia. Does she have an unknown power that reverses the stun or is this a glitch ?

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    I notice that in the arena Tin Crusher doesn't stun 100% of the time as well. Hopefully this get fixed. It costs 7 EP to use so it better stun 100% of the time.


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      Interesting, I've never experienced that. I've been stunned 100% of the tin when hit with Tincrusher. Hopefully it is not a bug that is just starting to pop up.


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        I haven't seen it yet but I only play Jack. Maybe it just happens when targeting a certain hero or companion?


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          I've seen it happen a small number of times when hit with Tin Crusher, but it's very rare. If they fix this, perhaps they can nerf the damage a little bit, too. 2500+ is insane (it takes a bit of setup and a high level Tin Crusher, but I've seen that more than I've seen the stun fail to land).