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Speed-ups to end Greek unique bonus obsolence???

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  • Speed-ups to end Greek unique bonus obsolence???

    Hello, fellow-leaders,

    I've been of those constantly moaning about the Greek faction bonuses obsolence. I've found a hidden advantage for the Greeks over the other factions of the game, that I'd like to share with you:


    One of the Greeks unique ability is the free-zone which is 15 minutes (+5 per age), reaching 1h at Space Age. I've found that, with the use of Speed-ups, this is very useful, much more than before.

    If you're a "Speed-up fan" you'll realize that, being Greek, you'll have to use enough Speed-ups until there is 1h left (Space Age), then use your Greek unique ability to finish the job. This, in turn, saves you 1h speed-ups per speeding, which is quite useful, as this extra speed-up can be used elsewhere.

    Imagine being Greek at Space Age and having used Speeding 24 times! You have earned 24h over the other factions.

    Of course, this advantage is far from being enough to balance the Greeks over the other nations, nor would I recommend the Greeks at Space Age for others, but those who still remain Greek at these Ages (if I'm not alone) can still use this "hidden" advantage, which is better than nothing.

    As always, I welcome any thoughts and ideas on this...
    "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"

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    Im greek as well and I like them, first for the strong leopard tanks secondly because of the "fast finish"

    What I don't get is why you say it is is clearly written on the nations screen at the time of the selection. i've though many time to switch....but still not convinced 100%....if it was you which nation would you chose to switch from greek? romans or german?


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      Heavy Cavalry is my favorite troop type and the most useful to me. I have found that Heavy Tanks are too slow for me and I can't afford them to attack other targets than defensive structures

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      albynos I'd switch to Germans or, even better the French. But I'm not willing to do that yet. Even now, at Space Age I'm unwilling to miss those (understandably low) bonuses and, most importantly, I wouldn't like to miss the unique Greek Heavy Cavalry

    • albynos
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      I agree that Heavy Cavarly is slow with non defensive buildings...this is why I use only 4 of them....for the others RPGs

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    I use the perk that way, too, to save my shorter speed ups. Sometimes I get impatient with 2 hours left on the clock and can use 1 hour speed up and 1 hour Greek bonus. Or I'll use a combination of 30m, 5m x 2 plus Greek 1 hour. And so on. If you like the short speed up thing then the perk stacks very well IMO (it does not apply to University research or expeditions, however).

    If I were to switch then I would probably pick the uncomplicated perk of the Romans. The German Fury toggle seems likely to aggravate my OCD (lol).

    What makes that decision difficult is that it's one perk (170 troop space instead of 155) which puts a lot of weight on those 15 extra spaces. I don't war and my current army that uses commandos and fighters does well in Empire/Dynasty league, so I don't feel that there is a problem there. And I do make use of the Greek features … Space Age buildings aren't cheap, I prefer to lean on production and league chests for resources, faster General recovery is nice, the tanks are good when they spawn from the command post and armory, and the speed up stacks well as mentioned above.

    In Global age, after the rebalance, the Greek tanks were excellent attack units: pairing a stack of them with bazookas made for a tough and lethal combo, as the combined damage of the tanks and specific AI easily overcame the defensive buffs of rebalance Stage 2 while contributing to bazooka survival. My personal pivot in Atomic age was to commandos in higher leagues; the Greek tank and bazooka combo continued to serve me well in lower leagues, as long as Atomic opponents were available.

    Now that Space Age can no longer attack Atomic bases, I'm afraid that the tanks have seen better days. Bases tend to be more complex in Cold War age, and the tanks have an unfortunate tendency to backtrack all over the place. The issue is not DPS so much as mechanics. Commandos are much more efficient, although that's partly due to my fighters having huge health boosts in the museum. I haven't maxed RPG's or transports yet (or the tanks, for that matter), so there may be untapped potential there, but with upgrade times that last weeks I would be remiss to not suggest that there is a long stretch of time beginning in Atomic age when a pivot to commandos is most effective, expedient, and long-lasting.

    As for "hidden" features, I could write a book. Upgrading buildings on a 24-hour cycle is magic. The speed up perk also applies to the vault (though not vault interest, sadly) which helps again when I am running on a daily schedule. That's the thing: to me, the perks are best because my play style uses all of them, and I don't really need anything else.


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