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Tired of too many re-balances, please guide me to the best strategy

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  • Tired of too many re-balances, please guide me to the best strategy

    Hello leaders!

    After each (of the too many) re-balances NEXON offer us to the game, I have been trying to adjust my strategy to the new circumstances. Unfortunately I'm too tired to do that once again. So I present you my basic strategy and ask for your kind counsel on what should I change due to the last re-balances. Many thanks

    My strategy (Space Age) until now has been:
    6 Heavy Cavalry
    6 Assault Vehicles
    3 Machine Gun
    3 Bazooka
    2 Transports
    1 Fighter
    4 Assault Rally
    2 Betrayal
    1 Healing

    Awaiting your much appreciated comments
    "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"

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    For SA I have been running the mix below. I don’t plan to change based on latest update.

    4 HT
    12 Bazooka
    3 MG
    2 infantry
    7 planes
    2 AR
    2 first aid
    2 betrayal
    1 sabotage

    Once I go DA, I’ll be able to upgrade HT and with all bonuses HT will have more than 100k health each!
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    I'm surprised to see that there are still people using barrack troops in Space Age. I thought most people switched to factory troops from Atomic Age upwards - using either Heavy Tank armies, Bazooka armies or Infiltrator/Commando armies.

    If you look at the posts below this one in the Tactics and Strategies section there are plenty that explain how to successfully use these armies in both multiplayer and war.

    At the moment I use a Heavy Tank Army because I can raid without losing troops in multiplayer and still use the same troops to 5* bases in wars but I'm going to switch to Commandos soon because I think they're better at taking down really strong bases in war...

    I use 5 HT's, 3 commandos, 2 machine gunners and 5 infantry for clean-up. 6 fighters to take out anti-tank guns and a bomber just for fun. 2 First Aid, 2 Assault Rally, 2 Betrayal (to capture more heavy tanks) and a Decoy


    • Saruman the White
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      I've tried this before, but this doesn't work for me as I figure that Heavy Tanks are too slow and get overrun by many defenders. Perhaps my aircraft is not too much strong yet to support this strategy

    • Rogue Squirrel
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      Yes they are slow - which is why you should spread them out when you attack. This way they cover a larger area in less time. You shouldn't have problems with defending troops as long as you've researched splash damage in the library. They take very little damage from the silo so there are only three things you need to be wary of:

      1) Anti-tank guns - use your planes to destroy these
      2) HT's that spawn from bunkers - again use planes or the tactic betrayal to deal with these
      3) Mines - not much you can do to avoid these but if you use First Aid tactics you can restore the tanks health

      A random example of HT attacks from youtube:

      The HT's only really become strong enough from MK3 upwards, but I've seen people take down easy bases with the MK1 and MK2

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    Army 1

    16 commandos
    5 bazookas
    8 airplanes

    nothing else. I can hit up to level 250 bases with no active high level generals. Very good army composition!!

    Army 2

    1 HT (silo bait)
    3 MRL
    5 machine guns
    rest zooks
    4 AR
    2 protect
    1 decoy
    Greek Myrmidons
    Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


    • Saruman the White
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      @wrathchild thanks for the strategy, the Army 1 sounds very interesting. Would it help if I tried to sweep troop-spawning defenses with Transports first, then deploy Commandos?

    • wrathchild_78
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      I haven't tried that before because my transports are way underleveled BUT if you do this, then it must be done in parallel with the commando deployment.
      Have in mind that I dont know if it will work because this troop combo is dependant upon the speed you kill the enemy defenders with your planes. Normally, you have like 8 planes flying all around the base killing single soldiers, tanks and HTs. Your goal is to protect your commandos so that they destroy all def buildings

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    Really depends on what lvl your ht are.
    I found that ht 5, 6, 7, are worthless. At 8 they are becomming worthwhile to change from barracks troopa to ht. I have lvl 9 now and unless i run them all over a bunch of very high upgraded landmines, i can roll over any base lvl 200 to 250. So i use 7 ht lvl 9 and 8 highest lvl fighters.
    i am however upgrading commando's and bazooka's atm to be able to have a bit versatile army, not that i need it for the lvl 200-250 bases, but only using ht is boring ^^

    during normal gameplay, i almost never use anything else. No generals, no mercs, no tactics and no troop cards...only if an attack goes real bad (maybe 1 in 15) i might use a tactic to save the day...
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      I'm a ht army as well yes boring but it allows continues constant attacking. I try to avoid base's with traps unless it's a rushed base then you no there weak. I don't need troop tactic, gens or mercs just the odd first aid in multiplayer. Base's 220 to 260 are my normal targets I'm 267. 6 HT and 8 maxed planes 2 RPG which are constantly being donated 2 infantry 1 shooter which are used to drop medals. War I use the same with 2 first aid 2 decoy 2 ar and 1 betrayal. I realize the commando RPG combination is stronger but IV invested all my museum into HT and all anti HT research so would take a long time to change over tho I'm now building that up to if I need to change. As I can spend a hour or so at a time in game the constant HT attack beats waiting for RPG commando to retrain after each attack.


      • Cannibals
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        When the big rebalance happened, I focused on building up HT, figuring it would be a solid hedge against future rebalancing. Not sorry about it.

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      You wrote "2 Transport" which is the best multiplayer strategy (assuming they are near-maxed) and can be a good war strategy too (although imho it's not ideal for war).

      For multiplayer, imho nothing beats 2 Transport 2 Fighters (I see you have 1 Fighter; I strongly urge you to prioritize Amelia as the 2nd Fighter makes a big difference); and the troops used does not really matter. Whether 6 HT 11 Infantry (safest and my preferred) or your war army (mostly bazookas+commandos), it's the 2 Transport and patience that does most of the work. You can destroy multiplayer bases without any troops (and only Transport/Fighters), to be honest, which is what I do for fun and as a challenge.

      For war, either all HT or all bazookas+commandos works well. Consider not using Betrayal and instead consider Decoy, and also adding a Protect. Using Assault Rally and then Protect on top is a good strategy and similar to the old AR, and something to consider when your main army reaches a dangerous location (like the heart of the base, or Fort). Granted AR was recently nerfed, which is unfortunate.