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  • How to scout

    Everybody has been talking about how to form a proper army to attack and how the attacks work, but what about scouting? Scouting is to get a hold of the enemy's base and strategise what defenses are available there and how to counter those defenses. Here are some tips to note when scouting and strategising.

    1. Forbidden city

    Those things are a pain in the *** when both the town centre and forbidden city are heavily defended. But some players tend to ignore the forbidden city and focus on the town hall instead. So all you need to do for that occasion is to send heavy infantry to destroy the forbidden city and your main troops could take down the town centre. If both are heavily defended, you might want to go for a 50% damage first.

    2. Defender spawners(garrisons/tank depots etc.)

    The defenders can really annoy you if you do not have much defender-killers like gatling gunners and bazookas. Do not underestimate those spawners though, for they could kill commandoes with ease and outnumber tanks. For the tank depot(spawns heavy tanks), check to see if the inside is glowing. If it is, it means it has heavy tanks ready to defend the town. Carry betrayal with you if you see some as you are going to need those heavy tanks on your side during the attack. If the player has a coalition that buffs up defenders(e.g. maori coalition) carry more gatling gunners and brace your fighter planes.

    3. Glory win-lose count

    Most people often get scared is they have a high win-lose count. This is mainly because the enemy clan donates strong troops to help even the weak in their clan, which is why weak attackers hardly get stars in wars. If the win-lose count is about 2.5-1 or higher and your alliance only donates barracks/factory troops, this is because the enemy is most likely to donate stronghold troops to each other, which is highly not recommended since the stronghold troops will run out as they are being used faster than they are earned(or purchased using money) by looking at the glory win-lose count, you know what the enemy may have in store and can prepare for it. One industrial barrage is sufficient to kill atomic age howitzers, so do bring that if you want that town hall star.

    4. Isolated buildings

    Some tricky players tend to use the trick or isolating a few buildings far away from the others so that their attacks will miss some buildings when the timer runs out. So you can scout that too and counter that with one cavalry and a few heavy and ranged infantry to deal with those isolated buildings to secure your last star if your main troops successfully destroyed the main base.

    5. Odd holes

    Some players have the tendency to leave holes in their base to trap enemy troops, so look for roads and other odd holes that might have traps hidden within it. For example, the enemy is most likely to place spike traps in areas with little or no cannon towers defending. This way, you can estimate where the traps are and avoid it, but if the other ways to attack seem more harsh on your army, then you can use a spy or sherman crab tank or anything that disables traps to help your army to strike in the area full of traps.

    Thats about all that i have for tips on scouting, of course, there are many ways to scout and strategise. You can also inform your clan on how to attack the base if its scouted by you already as that would help them a lot.

    I am cakeden, council of conqueror quest and im happy to help.

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    Thanks for the tips, cakeden.


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      excellent post mate! Its been a while since I saw some kind of tip/how to/guide in here.

      just fyi, i am in the progress of translating our alliance's mini wiki that has a ton of useful info
      Hellas Empire
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        Nice summary - in wars I like to take a screenshot of the bases I'm going to attack to help me plan in advance


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          Don’t forget the value of probing attacks too! Sending a weak attacker to determine what is in the enemy TC and SH and find traps can help a main attacker best prepare for the victory.