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Barracks Expertise DPS/hitpoints

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  • Barracks Expertise DPS/hitpoints

    Hello Leaders!

    I'd like to have some help on the Barracks Expertise feature, as I'm a little bit confused here:

    1. What exactly is that Expertise DPS and hitpoints and how does it work?
    2. Does it matter how many Barracks have been upgraded enough?
    3. Does it matter if some troops have been trained from a Barracks that doesn't yield Expertise DPS and hitpoints?
    4. Does it matter if some of these troops return alive after a battle?
    5. Do I have to do anything else apart from upgrading Barracks to gain these bonuses?

    Many thanks
    "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"

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    EACH barracks you upgrade will boost the indicated troops stats by the indicated amount. by indicated i mean on the upgrade info screen of the barracks.

    3&4&5. no
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