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New trophy+farming base layout DN

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  • New trophy+farming base layout DN

    -Came up with new idea how to design a true good iron age base ( Cuz i have seen many bad layout 0_o)

    -I am a vietnamese player so apologize for my bad engrisk xDDD.

    -I have an acropolis which cover both 2 garrison and the command post.

    -Minium exspansion and nice road bonus (Up to 1100 gold per hour)

    -Resource building cover by wall and other defend building. Hard to get 2star if the opponent is iron age .Anti horseman and heavy horse raider .

    This is my first forum.Hope u enjoy. Cheer !

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    Seems a strong base for that age.

    I don't want to discourage you, it´s always nice to see new strong bases, but in your age your progress is so fast you will have an entirely new base in a month.


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      Wicked Lord is right but its good to know that people are still downloading and playing this game. Enjoy your time at that level.


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        all in my opinion there is no perfect layout or strong bases...there are only strong attackers. Your base can be fort knox, the point is that first of all defense is not important as years ago, secondly if you macth someone 30lvs higher there is no big stuff you can do. As I'm already writing I take the chance to comment your base.
        - why you do have the armory inside walls? (and houses)
        - Garrisons are too far from other defense buildings, they are crushed before they can spawn.
        - road connection?
        - what does acropoly do? I don't believe in wonders.

        There could be many other constructive comments, but I suggest you to boost your army and steal resources like hell...