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Global 171 base for review

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  • Global 171 base for review

    Hello Everyone! I came up with this design and wanted to know what the community thinks about it. Its the best way I could force someone to go through bastions most likely. Comments are welcome! Thanks! -Fiendo

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    Pretty good base design. I would send 5 commandos alone the Embassy side while deploying my main force from the forest side for QV. But that's just what I would do.


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      I agree that this is a good design. I really like the symmetry and the bastions line. I have 2-3 objections though:

      1. Trap placement. In your base I woud start from the top and start killing things till i reach the bottom. Chances are that I would never fall on your traps at the 2 edges.
      So, I advice to have a mix of traps together instead of only on type and spread them a bit.
      2. Oil placement. It is easy to loot it.Exchange one sniper tower with the oil.
      3. Antitank guns are super important. Having them all together is not good. 2 sabos and you would be cripppled. Or even 3 planes could kill them in twos.
      I advice to spread them too. If you want, you can place oil wells inside and stop raiders from looting them. Exchange sniper tower with antitank.

      Other than that, it is a very good base
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        being said that it is a WW base I think it is a very good one, but as Wrat I have some comments:
        - i dont get why you keep oil wells inside and markets out.
        - right bottom corner seems to be weak...once done the colosseum you have your way to the center with just one redbout and mortar and no cannons. 2 stars done. Left one is even weaker. and most of all the opponent will not be trapped as the will pass just near by
        - traps: put spikes just under the door, not aside
        - bastions do not stick to wall close to the missile silo. This mean that once crushed the silo I can crush the 4 cannons without breaking the bastions. You put the sniper towers inside but their damage is not significant
        - sabotator from the top left corner will make a disaster once crushed the first bunker, blowing up your cannons in and out the bastions.

        However the layout is cool, I would just rearrange some defence...


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          Thank you for the suggestions! I appreciate you all taking the effort to give me advise!


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            Just want to throw out that barbed wire does not stack its effect if enemies are in the radius of more than 1 of that trap. You are better off spreading those out.


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              Isn't your silo a bit unprotected for a comando rush? Don't think your generals will spawn fast enough to stop them.
              would drop 2/3 commandos to start and rush on your silo.
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