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  • Tactics nerfed

    Hello Leaders!

    I'd very much appreciate your advice on tactics.

    The Assault Rally was the last example of a great and helpful tactic to be killed by stupid re-balances and being brought to crap status like all the others.

    For some reason it's decided that all tactics should last as much as a blink of an eye, thus making them useless.

    But experienced players might have found a way to still benefit, even in the slightest, from tactics.

    So, here we are:

    Barrage wouldn't do for CWA
    Healing is a good tactic but only for Heavy Cavalry and you can't 5-star only with Heavy Cavalry
    Sabotage lasts way too little
    Protect lasts way too little
    Demolition only destroys one building out of hundreds in a CWA base, so useless
    Decoys too much nerfed
    Betrayal only useful if casted upon Heavy Tanks away from Anti-Tank towers, so few possibilities
    Assault Rally too much nerfed, almost useless now

    How do you take advantage from tactics the way they behave after all these rebalances?

    Of course take into account the time they need to be retrained
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    I think tactics are quite balanced now, maybe demolition, barrage and protect are a bit weak but there is none op 7/7 Tactic.
    I use the same armee constellation for MP and WW and five star most equal oponenents and many which are stronger.

    My armee constellation: 6 HT, 1, Commando, 3 Infant, 8 Fighter, 4 First Aid, 1 Decoy, 1 Betrayal, 1 Assault Rally

    For me, this lineup works very well even after the rebalance. The healing for low Heavys. Decoy if you need a few sek for killing a bunch of defenders, Generals or RPG. Betrayal for Heavys if you need a little support or against nasty troops which I cant reach with my fighters. Assault Rally if you need a little extra damage.
    I dont use tactics that often in MP, a heal here and there so retraining isnt much an issue.

    Thats my way to play the game right now, I hope it helped.


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    I use 2 builds now:

    - Helis+Zooks+machine gun with 5 decoys, 1 sabo, 1 protect
    - 14 commando, 10 zooks with 6 sabo + 1 decoy

    So far, I am able to take down comfortably up to 260 CWA/SA level bases, the commando army being faster but more risky tactic overall. The heli build is safer, more versatile but slower.
    The key point in both army and tactic composition is to use every single tactic EXACTLY the moment you need it. I have already written a few words to your other post. Check it out.
    Hellas Empire
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    • Berend_War
      Berend_War commented
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      Would barrage be helpful with the commando build? Barrages do take out defenders, and damages the surrounding buildings?
      Was planning on trying commandos as a industrial. Just to see how far they will get me in friendlies. But don't have the AR jet.

    • wrathchild_78
      wrathchild_78 commented
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      I havent tried it because I havent upgraded it after industrial age so Ican't really say. What I do know, is that with commandos, our major aim is either to disable or kill defender producing buildings fast. This is better accomplished either with sabos either with decoys that confuse defenders. Sabo is my tactic of choice.
      Barrage is limited in range and damage. You would do some damage but not eliminate many defenders.

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    Barrage: yeah, outside of players under IA who don't have fighter planes, barrage is pretty useless as fighters do it better

    First aid: you forgot about HT armies, generals. Also, in wars, high level RPGs with Ethiopians are quite high in hp, can possibly use it when they're low

    Sabotage: my maxed sabotage with 5 levels in Leonardo for duration lasts 20 seconds. It should last 22 seconds with that research maxed. More than enough for most circumstances.

    Protect: yeah, true.

    Demolition: agreed

    Decoys: still useful to distract SH troops or strong generals.

    Betrayal: SA bunkers produce HT mk8's, an easy target to steal is HTs from factory (resistance research)

    Assault rally: far from being useless. It is still a major boost to troops damage and speed, as well as a rally to direct your troops where needed. Think about giving your units a damage boost before they face the first (biggest) wave of defenders, TC troops, SH troops, generals. Also as a tool to bypass bastions by rallying on the regular wall next to it (running into that rubble is basically death).


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      I feel you Saruman 😔
      As always I'm an advocate against any kind of tactics nerf! In fact, it's healthier to boost other tactics stats, not by nerfing one or other.
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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        Of the three things at your disposal, your forces are number 1. Your battle skill is a close number 2. Last are your tactics.

        Tactics should help when skillfully deployed to give you small and timely advantages that can turn a fight (not a battle). They should not come in the form of an easy button that can guarantee a win in the absence of strong forces or skill. Nexon thank you for taking away the easy button that had made a mockery of the game.


        • Saruman the White
          Saruman the White commented
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          So I suppose we're pretty happy now that neither strong forces, nor skills shall be able to 5-star a base. I get it

        • Black tiger
          Black tiger commented
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          Yes, I think the problem is that a 3-4 star attack is programmed as a failure in the game as you’ll most likely lose ALL your troops. That’s the nasty business side ruining the game. What I don’t understand is why the in-game cost of crowning troop retrain is so ridiculously high. I mean crowning troops all day would cost $1000’s - oh wait, the whales. It makes sense when you remember the whales. The cost is prohibitive for the rest of us who must suffer the tortuous wait.

          I would pay a reasonable subscription for free instant troop retrain so I could battle at full strength against challenging bases all day long (like Boom Beach after it died). Game makers can’t seem to figure out how to profitably tap into non-whale game economics.

          But times are changing change and the whale/free model is gaining publicity, leading to infamy, and will soon become obsolete. Forums are onto predatory game makers now and warning others. It’s something big game companies can’t risk being on the wrong side of long term.

          Read the reviews for new games and vote for honest games. They will come.
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        • pckrn
          pckrn commented
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          for farming, if you dont go for the qv, 3-4 stars and your troops come home. dont go for the tc and your troops could survive a 2 star victory. go for an easier target and you could breeze through a base for 5 stars with ease. for war, use the instant retrain.

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        Barrage and demolition are useless in higher stakes battles no matter what the stats are, same with bombers.
        Protection can still be useful but precision is the key. Even maxed out and added researches you have to be quite fast otherwise you die.
        Healing is still quite good but generally only HT users take them.
        Betrayal is still ok but in higher lvl battles, those units get taken down way too fast unless it's a poor design.

        I actually went back to using a similar tactic list prior to ar introduction but I still use ar because while it's not getting you 1 minute attacks, it's still very powerful provided you take care of your troops. Ar is still the best way to group your troops without pulling your generals/tank destroyers/silo distracting force. If you're using offensive coals than you have the extra hp to help your troops but I also use decoy and sabotage if needed. I used to use a mostly factory troops as one generally does when going high lvl aa or cwa but I've actually went back to use ranged shooters + heavy arts. German nation ranged shooters aren't the best but the dmg buff evens it out and combining the ar with the ranged troops allows for insane dmg provided you don't let them die in one well placed mortar hit. Sabotage is short but you should be keeping track of the time but also having (2) sabotages is more lock down time than it was when it was 2 spaces. It's very situational but I use the sabotage generally to stop the town center or the silo is I feel like it's going to get hairy. So far I've taken down some high def bases though I'm not having to attack lvl 300 3D space age bases either. Currently lvl 247 cwa going to space age soon.

        I use 2 ar, 4 decoys, and 1 sabotage. Generally my build consists of 9 heavy arts 60 ish ranged shooters, 2-3 wall breachers. My alliance cap is at 53 so that really gives you so many options but sometimes I take 53 single ranged shooters and use all my heavy arts.


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          Thanks for the advice
          "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


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            I agree with KniferX that the assault rally is far from being useless, although nerfed it is still the most powerful Tactic among the rest you listed.

            Give this a try on a friendly challenge that you could not 5 star previously, Use 7 or more assault rally's (not sure how many tactic slots CWA have), use them back to back and see how fast your troops can mow down your apponent to ground zero. (recommended to use a dozen or more HRPG in the mix of troops)
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