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New war matchmaking issue, weaker side winning

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  • New war matchmaking issue, weaker side winning

    Is anyone having trouble with the new war pairing system? I mean besides having to wait a long time for partners. We just got matched with a team we should of rolled over or at least been even with and got hammered! We didn’t even get to 40% and that has never happened before in the last three years. Any thoughts?

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    Maybe they were matrix cheaters? Heard it’s rampant.


    • Big T
      Big T commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks Black Tiger. IDK but even our #1 player went after Him (He was #5 on their side) and we both only got one star. Both of our troops attacked and basically just disappeared. This guy was Cold war but his walls were mostly lvl 11 He had no missile silo, no AAA, no Sam’s, only 3 mortars and his redoubt towers were only level 2. SMFH

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    That actually sounds more like the museum exploit. I hear players have museums set to unreasonable damage buffs.


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      Or they invested much into Uni and Museum, sometimes hard to tell how strong a base is, even if they don´t cheate.


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        The matrix wouldn’t unbalance war directly other than players upgrading a million things at the same time but that doesn’t boost the defensive numbers. What you see is somewhat what you get. The museum is really the only unknown and while people argue that it should always be secret, I’ve always said at least at the end of wars when it’s already been decided, that you get to see the stats in case there’s a new cheat. Did you attack during invasion event because that would’ve made a huge difference. Other than that, we haven’t experienced that in our wars though now we are seeing more and more unbalanced wars but that’s another issue.