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  • Classical Age bases

    Hi! Im new in DomiNations. Can you help me with Classical Age base layout? Send in this topic a few examples please!)

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    in the early ages you dont really get attacked and also you grow out of your layout quickly and need a new one soon so you dont have to worry too much about it yet.

    having said that, keep your resource storage buildings behind your walls and defenses and also separated from each other so that even if one is looted, others are safe


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      Here are some ideas to get you started. Play around, make modifications, find out what works.


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        As Exiliado said, experiment. Classical is neither here nor there and base building is for experience, not saving rss.
        Having said that, think of your base as a maze. Don't give your enemy a straight line to anything. Place your buildings or wall squares off-set from each other. Make troops meander and waste time walking around corners, since troops will take the easy path before trying to break through walls. Place your defensive structures and traps accordingly.
        You won't have many of them but traps also work well in groups to slow the enemy, creating bottlenecks, while your towers do the shooting. eg: caltrops with ambush traps. If possible, place ambush traps in front of defender buildings so they create bigger bottlenecks.
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          This is my second account base. Hope you get some ideas