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Traitors and Betrayal

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  • Traitors and Betrayal

    I am having trouble locating information about these items. I just leveled to Enlightenment age so possibly they are not available to me? Where can I find a tutorial on this?

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    It's available once you have had War Academy Enlightenment level.
    For the uses, other tacticians could explain them better 😊
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      in a few words:

      Use betrayal ONLY on enemy Heavy Tanks
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      • Manifesto
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        Except when they're near AT guns.

      • wrathchild_78
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        correct! forgot to add that piece of advice too. thx

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      Thank you so much for the information. I keep seeing it in the game but had no idea what it was about. Not much in the forums on it when you do a search


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        go into your war academy and scroll to the right. you will see locked tactics and what is required to unlock them. if you tap on the ‘?’ you can see what those tactics do. btw you can also scroll to the right in barracks and factory too, to see future troops


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          I think the problem these days is that while betrayal is a viable tactic, people tend to crazy using them because they’re only 1 space now. Best strategy is just taking units that are stronger than your troops or at least just heavy tanks. I hate seeing players that are attacking bases that are lower them (Industrial attacking gunpowder for example) and using max number of betrayal and still losing the fight when decoys would’ve clearly won the fight. Betrayal is good to use but like everything else, it’s situational. For raiding, it’s easier because the matching system doesn’t put you against someone so low but in war you need to scout and plan.