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    The rebalance certainly provoked some strong reactions from people in this forum but one thing I think it has achieved is mixing up the troop combinations that players use when attacking. I've seen all sorts of combinations using helicopters, heavy tanks, bazookas, APC's etc.

    But one thing has surprised me - the number of top level players (Atomic and Cold War) I see who are still using the old Heavy Artillery/Shooters combo in wars with varying degrees of success. Am I missing something? Have people decided that this combination does, in fact, still work? Or are these players who just haven't adapted to the new conditions?
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    I guess it is the latter but if it works for a skilled player then I see no problem
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      Artillery shooters? Ehmm, did you just call ME? 😉
      Depends on base design, obviously 😊 Usually on mediocre ones. And, game style of course.

      Apart from WW, you'd be surprised that my mp combo is 8 tanks (I was even thinking to do 10 tanks 🤔), the rest are footsies (and helis sometimes) 😆
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      • albynos
        albynos commented
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        I was using 8 tanks and smg as well, but with the silo, I must wait to much to deply smg so I was basically attacking with half of the army. Now I'm using 6 tanks, 3 HT, one sab and some med.

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      It is still a very valid combo for atomic player or CWA player if not attacking top bases. I do believe you need that extra 15% of german attack coupled with factory troops to take down very high level cold war bases


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        It's still an effective combo for us Brits.
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          I haven’t seen howitzer/shooter combo 5-starring CWA since the rebalance.


          • wrathchild_78
            wrathchild_78 commented
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            I've seen it in my base twice! hahaha

            But those 2 guys were good attackers...not the average Joe

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          Maybe we have a different definition of "top level players," but I see nothing but factory combos among the best attackers. Even the venerable HT attack has taken a back seat to some combo of RPG/MRL/Machine Gun/Infiltrator/APC. The game is all about factory now...


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            All Bazooka+AR seems to be the flavor of the month now.


            • Manifesto
              Manifesto commented
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              Makes sense, most bang for the buck.

            • Rogue Squirrel
              Rogue Squirrel commented
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              The other day I was attacked by 38 Heavy RPG's, 3 HA's and 5 Supersonic MK6's. He got all my oil (over 10,000) but only managed to destroy 70% of my base before being wiped out. I'm not convinced this is a good combination. Mind you, he was using sabotage and not Assault Rally. Perhaps AR makes all the difference

            • wrathchild_78
              wrathchild_78 commented
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              obviously AR makes the difference. It is a key component in this build.

              Normally, in my alliance I can 5 star everyone somewhere around 2 mins. Using this army composition, I was 30secs faster in all my battles.

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            Originally posted by Cannibals View Post
            All Bazooka+AR seems to be the flavor of the month now.
            Only Bazookas and 7 Assault Rally tactics? Does it work against even 270+ Cold War age base?


            • yemen
              yemen commented
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              In 0TT (no troop tactics) friendly's, I can clear into the 260s with those and decently high level generals. Going up from there requires troop tactics in my experience.

              Typically you will also carry a few wall miners, and infantry for cleanup. Some bring along a few ranged units or apcs and mix things up. But it is certainly doable with a ball of bazookas.

            • pckrn
              pckrn commented
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              its better than anything else you can throw against those bases

            • Gears
              Gears commented
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              yemen Great. I will definitely try this configuration.

              pckrn, I have been using Helicopters/APCs/Bazookas/Riflemen for my battles. I will be testing how effective this combination is.
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            I find the HRPGs r easily destroyed and lose too many but when I use assault vehicle I hardly loose em. Yes they r more pop but higher hitpoints and when used by 5 Hrpg is much more efficient. Using up to 4 AV 6 HRPG, 2 tactical helos, 3 apc. 2 HA or 2 MRLs. With rest long guns. Been effective. Of course merc and generals to keep attaention of silo. But maxed fighters usually will get job done on ms. Have - 40 hit points on silo thru museum and goes down relatively easy.