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    PLEASE change the dock. As it is now, it is useless, and none will upgrade. Don't you see that this air tactic is just bad?
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      Something like this would be nice

      Trade Good Shipment
      6 Benefactors 91 4 2d
      Helsinki Air Superiority Blessing 1
      56 3 12h
      VDV (2) 1 Supplies 88 3 1d
      Port of Antonio Freedom Fighters (6) 1 Diamonds 5 3 1d
      60 Zero (Air Troop Tactic) 2 2 8h

      VDV or Russian Airborne Troops
      These special paratroopers drop in with parachutes from the sky onto the battlefield. Unlike ordinary paratroopers, they use two 2S25 Sprut-SD *.
      It doesn't require a special plane to fly them in also, enemy defenders would spawn on dropping them

      2S25 Sprut-SD
      a self-propelled tank destroyer or light tank
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        Thanks for sharing this, so I'm not gonna update my Dock. Longer periods and more citizens required, as well as not very useful rewards. There are a lot of features in the game that the Dock could offer us apart from Museum resources: Unique troops, NTGs, Trade goods, raw resources, blessings, speed-ups, crowns, rubies, extra temporary citizens perhaps (ouch!) and many more...
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        • yemen
          yemen commented
          Editing a comment
          If you are at level 7 and looking to maintain supply access, don't upgrade. If you are at level 9 already, you can get more supplies out of the new dock, and all you lose access to is some crappy global armies anyway. So it isn't a great upgrade, but it is something.