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Level 10 Dock Expeditions

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  • Level 10 Dock Expeditions

    Level 10 Dock Destinations Reward 1 Quantity Reward 2 Quantity Citizens Required Time
    Mumbai Trade Good Shipment 6 Benefactors 91 4 2d
    Helsinki Air Superiority Blessing 1 Researchers 56 3 12h
    Novorossiysk Zero (Air Troop Tactic) 2 Benefactors 55 3 1d
    Port of Antonio Zero (Air Troop Tactic) 2 Benefactors 55 3 1d
    Kaohsiung Supplies 60 Zero (Air Troop Tactic) 2 2 6h
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    wow awesome that you’re sharing this info.

    and.. so many zero’s?
    3 expeditions giving out the same reward, 2 global-level fighters in cwa, japanese ones from russian/jamaican/taiwanese ports.. must be a mistake so im going to keep refreshing for edit
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      And Nexon is again choking Supplies, what a dissapointment


      • pckrn
        pckrn commented
        Editing a comment
        technically they’re not ‘again’ choking supplies. it was choked at lvl 8 dock, but lvl 9 was a good choice depending on your priorities, and lvl 10 is better than lvl 9 in terms of supplies, with more supplies and shorter non-supplies trips. just need to see what they replace those zeros with
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      Yes - please! Could one of the destinations like Kaohsiung or Port of Antonio return supplies instead in a greater amount than the 60 for the Kaohsiung one? That's the resource that's really in short supply and we really don't need THREE expeditions to return benefactors. Please!

      Also, the same troop tactics for THREE of the destinations? Come on - at least increase some diversity by giving some different options here. The zeros aren't great troop tactics anyway.

      We appreciate the upgrade on the dock, but can we tweak it to be worth upgrading to?
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        Agreed. Change one of the others to supplies as well. Researchers and benefactors are just piling up but that doesn’t matter if I can’t get supplies.
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          As others have said - If you want to bottleneck the game by limiting supplies, at least change some of the other destinations to NOT give researchers or benefactors. Maybe replace them with a peace treaty, or blessing or something. We don't need that many expeditions giving the same worthless rewards.

          And on a related note - three expeditions all showing the same global age troop card as a reward? That is a mistake, right?

          And two of those destinations are completely identical - same benefactors, same troop tactics.
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            I'm glad I stayed at the best dock level (7). One less thing to upgrade. Kind of makes you wish you could downgrade buildings.


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              ok i saw a screenshot where kaohsiung was in fact rewarding 2 zeros.

              just wtf?

              i dont expect these dock troops to have new artwork or anything, i just expect a bundle of units that already exist in the game. like rok army bundle has an apc a healer and a few korean shooters. cherbourg gives a pair of french tanks. you really couldnt have just put something like 3 MRLs for novorossyisk? are you really that lazy? why the hell would a jamaican port provide ww2 era japanese fighters? why do 3 destinations provide the same rewards? you’re not thinking ‘hoho we provided 6 fighters in the docks. they cant complain about the anti-air buffs now’, are you? are you?


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                that is a complete failure from your part. You had feedback from us, the players, and instead of boosting the supplies and give cwa level troop cards, you spent manpower to create this???
                You are really testing our patience once more.....But I will try to be polite

                Please fix the dock or rebalance it or do whatever BUT make it fair for all. I never had the chance of enjoying the supplies a level 7 dock gives. How is that fair for us that were already on a level 8 + dock when museum came out?

                FOR ONCE, LISTEN TO US!!
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                  Oh hell, not more damn benefactors and researchers. Can't get rid of the ones I have already, please rethink this.
                  How about let us trade them with Marco Polo ?
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                  Zeros are total crap.. I guess I won’t be wasting time upgrading the dock


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                    i think the central question is ... does upgrading the dock generate supplies more effectively?


                    • #13
                      Please replace one of the zero or benefactor reward with a medicine blessing.


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                        Regular planes die very fast on most bases and they have more than 3x the health of those planes if maxed out. When you announced a new dock upgrade I expected some actual cold war age troops, not the same global age paper planes. Please change the troop rewards to something like:

                        - 1 transport
                        - 2 tanks
                        - 2 heavy artillery + 2 veteran rifleman
                        - 5 heavy rpg

                        And more supplies and less benefactors and researchers please.


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