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Our Alliance bootcamp idea

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  • Our Alliance bootcamp idea

    Just an idea that helped my alliance a lot...

    I created a practice base that simulates common real battle scenarios. There are 4 specific challenges that players must complete within certain time period.

    1. deploy your whole army in less than 15 secs by using 2 fingers OR 8 secs if you use 3 fingers

    2. Kill the town and get QV

    3. Kill the acropolis

    4. Kill the silo

    1. During all challenges, generals and mercs MUST be deployed at the bottom of the base:
    3. The red star is your target
    4. The red arrow is your army's deployment area (traps there, beware)

    Advice: BEFORE anyone attempts these challenges, I had everyone check their army composition and tactics selection. I created as a reference this sheet and with some changes, almost all were good to go...

    check the images in imgur and you will understand....The only thing I can say is that my allies became better by doing these challenges again and again and again till they mastered them.

    Hope you like it and ENJOY!!
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    Hellas Empire
    Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.

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    at last i found that the reason for not been able to post here, were the external links on this post.

    anyway, good luck making your own training base and practicing!!

    Practice makes us better players!!!
    Hellas Empire
    Ψαχνουμε παικτες για πολεμους απο επιπεδο 100 και πανω.


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      Thx Wrathchild nice post and a awesome way to teach and motivate your allies. Will think of a way how to implement this in our alliance.
      Don't have a silo my self so need some help from my team mates.
      Join us at Outcasts United. All ages welcome.


      • wrathchild_78
        wrathchild_78 commented
        Editing a comment
        yes anyone can make this base. We have 3 according to each player's age. It would not be fair for all to attack my base when they are only industrial or global