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high level general expedition bonus?

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  • high level general expedition bonus?

    the game says "high level generals give greater rewards ..." but i don't see it.

    i just sent a level 20 nobunaga on an expedition instead of my high level cleo because i wanted to use her ...
    the bonus was 36ish crowns ... what would it have been with a level 60 cleo?
    as i reflect i don't really notice a significant bonus for the opportunity cost of not playing with the general. has it been quantified or analyzed?

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    i dont often use expeditions but i never noticed lvl 60 generals being any better than low level ones either


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      I haven’t seen a difference but I send whatever highest level general i have available at that time as long as it doesn’t interfere with a war attack. It’s either Joan lvl 43 than Napoleon lvl 38. It’s always worth sending one though because there’s times when I send frontier force expedition and the bonus is another troop card.


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        I always do the other way, sending the weakest ones. Besides I use my highest in wars.
        Psssstt.... I never sent Joan!
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


        • Freightshaker
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          Yup. Nobunaga has been on many, many expeditions.

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        I tested this along with a group of other players. Our conclusion was that rewards get better up to level 10 generals (5 is better than 1, 10 is better than 5, etc), but did not improve as your generals leveled up from there. A 45 did not make any difference compared to a 10.

        I think that text was added early on when generals could only go to level 10, and no later general upgrades were factored into it.


        • Alexey
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          I’m not sure if docks were available when the highest general level was 10. My suggestion is that higher level generals don’t increase the reward itself, but increase the chance of getting better one (crowns instead of food, for example). But I can’t confirm that without doing a lot of statistics, and for expeditions it’s not that simple.

        • yemen
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          Alexey We did 50+ expeditions with shared results across multiple people. The improved rewards from levels 1-10 were obvious. But there was no visible pattern of improvement above there - no increased probability for a troop tactic, or crowns, or anything.

          It wasn't exhaustive and scientific, just a bunch of shared results on discord. But it was enough to convince me - my dock generals are level 10, and I don't need them any higher.