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my Victory Chest and League Boat rewards list

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  • my Victory Chest and League Boat rewards list

    this is a list of everything I was offered from those rewards in dynasty 1 since Jan 1st this year.

    I am not making use of the VC bug, my timer is currently at 13 hours until next VC. the reason I have more VC than LB is because the counter until the next LB doesn't start until you pick up the current reward, whereas the counter until the next VC starts ticking as soon as the current reward is active.

    this is just a small sample, but I don't know of any other sample of VC/LB rewards that exists, so I thought maybe some people may find this interesting. and cough discouraging cough

    I actually started making this record to see how frequently I was getting speedups because in Nov I was getting them regularly, but in Dec, I wasn't. and then as you can see in the sheet, in Jan, I did not get a single one until they introduced specialized speedups. but after they introduced specialized speedups, I've been getting them at a better rate than ever before. is this a special promotion period of those speedups? or will they keep on appearing at this rate? I sure hope they keep coming.
    and also, elephant archer rate seems to have increased and stag lure rate seems to have decreased.

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    very interesting thank you!
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      Oh, this is a good idea. I have often wanted to see frequencies lists like this. Thank you.
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        Thanks pckrn this is really helpful. I still like seeing those 41,000 oil rewards
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          That is a great post. Thanks for the information.


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            Nice to see an e.a. In there though I haven’t gotten one but not at dynasty 1 quite yet. I’m bothered by how many of my choices contain wall manuals.