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best medal range to get 'supplies' from the victory chest?

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  • best medal range to get 'supplies' from the victory chest?

    do you think there's a best medal range to get supplies, where it's more likely to come up?

    is the victory chest logic known?

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    I don’t think it’s the medal range but ages. Lower ages get more supplies and less researchers/benefactors as I experienced on my second account, enlightenment. Now my Cold War age the most supplies im getting is about 50. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen 144 supplies offer.


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      The chance to get supplies from victory chest is extremely low as it’s all random. I’ve gotten at gold and kingdom once and a while but there’s no specific range that you would get it every chest. I haven’t gotten it higher than kingdom but it’s to random to say. Ally members said they’ve gotten at silver but that was rare. The only guaranteed (Thought not easy) way is through expeditions but the higher the shipyard the less supplies you get. It’s been said but lvl 7 shipyard gives the most supplies expeditions but you get trash other stuff whereas maxes shipyard gives the best rewards (Higher level Troop cards) but fewer supplies.


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        Never noticed, never cared 😆 As someone with level 6 dock 😉
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          Playing in dynasty 1, out of the last 28 Victory Chests, I have been offered 150 supplies TWICE. out of the last 24 League Boats, I have been offered 100 supplies TWICE.

          also from VC: 20 researchers once, 15 benefactors 3 times.
          also from LB: 20 researchers once, 10 benefactors 3 times.
          Victory Chest & League Boat Rewards

          Expedition General Bonus Rewards