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Suggestions on How to Fill War Spots?

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  • Suggestions on How to Fill War Spots?

    Long story short, our alliance was experimenting with 25-members-war, result was different for 3 wars.
    And for next war we will also take 25 members if possible.
    We will be a couple of spot short though so we'll fill them with inactive accounts (while the game is still allowing it 😜).
    Question : should we include well-built gunpowder-industrial bases,
    ​​​​​​Or bag it up, I mean really bag it, like including 5-6 iron age πŸ˜† ? That would be an easy 5x5 stars of course.
    Note : I'm never intended to bag, it's just because we don't have enough people πŸ˜‘
    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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    My approach after a war is to remove anyone who didnt do a single attack then fill in any new players that want in and then to fill the spots to get to a multple of five i pick the lowest level avaliable players from the alliance whether or not they want in or even intend to attack. I wouldnt go out of my way to make a new account to sandbag though. Just fill with the alliance dregs


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      Unfortunately, because of the ridiculous matchmaking algorithm, the only way to compete in wars is to 'bag it up' - I don't like doing it, but if we have 21 or 22 players who want to war, I would prefer to go to war with 25, and make up the difference with the lowest level accounts available (sandbags), rather than exclude people. Muet has announced that they are going to fix the matchmaking, but until then I don't see any alternative


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        We always went with 10-15 members before, since those were the active warring team, plain without all my alts. We're planning to reach level 10 as fast as possible and by doing 10 men war, it will be really slow. While ''losing'' in 25 men war will give bigger XP. (That's the short story long πŸ˜†).
        Never went with glory approach, what for, no one is giving crowns or anything for those above 20k glory anyway πŸ˜†

        ​​​​​​If I only include those who do both attacks and score, we will be back to 10 men war πŸ˜’
        Scenario 1 : including established inactive gunpowder-industrial bases (Yes I keep them in the team for this reason though they haven't logged in for like 10+ days).
        They will definitely add the weight, but their bases are not an easy 5 star.
        Scenario 2 : including my bags (I have, well.. 4 πŸ˜† and maybe a few more incoming by reducing alliance medal requirement to zero). Consequences, they will reduce war weight, and also become easy targets to enemy team.
        I'm still torn about this 😭
        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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          bag it. Do the biggest wars possible.
          Bad Rabbits. We hop, you drop. Adults 25+


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            Yes, thanks! I'm now encouraged! πŸ™Œ