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Commandos: A (Barely Now) Viable Troop?

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    Originally posted by Saruman the White View Post
    It's been a very long time since I last used Commandos, but it's my intention to combine it with 2 Transports, thus:

    Commandos immune to towers
    Paratroopers immune to Garrisons

    However I can't predict how it'd go, as, it might sound good in theory, but difficult to conduct
    Isn't it with paratroopers only that they don't trigger defenders to spawn? I don't think they are actually immune to the already spawned defenders... and since commandos WILL spawn them, this doesn't seem like a great combo. Fighters can take out the defenders to protect commandos, paratroopers won't do so well at that.


    • Saruman the White
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      You've got it right, paratroopers can be attacked by spawned defenders, so you have to destroy as many of defender-spawning structures as possible, at first. After many have gone, it's time for Commandos! Of course you might need air help as well to help the Commandos. It's only a theory I haven't test that yet

    • wrathchild_78
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      haven't test that either BUT how will you get QV if you wait for the paratroopers to kill some buildings first and then deploy the commandos? Maybe do both at the same time?

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    Originally posted by Sneakyboy View Post
    Your kidding right? Why on earth would I give away a strategy that has taken a lot of time to work out. You or anybody reading may one day be my competition for the #1 spot in this game. I am far too competitive to share any specifics.

    The only thing I’ll say is I have not tried any bases above 165 yet. I have 3 more upgrades to do and then will not shy away from 165+ bases.

    Here’s what I can do. When the time comes and I take the #1 spot in this game I will share exactly all details as to how easy this game is.

    Share my secrets,your funny! roflol
    Lol, I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier. First he claims to be “too old to screen record,” but also cares so much about a mobile video game. I mean, this game to take seriously, out of all of the video games out there? Strange.

    By the way, it’s pretty easy to do this if you have high-level offence and attack bad bases. Global is an age where there are less poorly designed bases, but still enough to attack, ESPECIALLY around level 130 (which is the minimum for GA, so he’s probably overhyping himself and attacks mainly *Industrial*, not Global, bases). You can do it with foot soldiers. If it took him “a lot of time” to figure out how to defeat abandoned bases created by people who don’t care for base design... I don’t know what to tell you.



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      I prefer to combine commandos and fighters with a stack of armored cars. To me, armored cars seem better equipped for the task of cleaning up after commandos. Although landmines can thin their numbers, other traps are not a problem for them. If you like commando swarms but are frustrated by the pace of clean-up with other troops, give armored cars a try.

      12 commandos, 9 armored cars, 7 fighters, 5 heavy infantry
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      • wrathchild_78
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        will try it. thx

      • NateTheGreat
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        Still think bazookas are cheaper. I use 1 HT, 9 rpg, 4 machine gun, 9 commando, 6 heavy infantry, 8 SS CWA fighters. I use heavy infantry to draw out the defenders, followed by HT + machine gun + bazooka, then drop commandos. Lose 0 commandos, 1-2 rpg and all infantry and machine guns.