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League Ranking achievement advice pls!

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  • League Ranking achievement advice pls!

    hey everyone,

    I started, 10 days ago, to climb the leagues in pursuit of the achievement that gives 2000 crowns when you reach Dynasty. Up to 3000 medals things were going smoothly and I had a steady pace and no problems. I was doing 4-8 attacks per day, all 5 stars, and all was working nicely. The moment I went 3000, my opponents became much harder and all bases are 250+ level with blessings and well protected Town Center and Forbidden Cities. I am now at 3128 medals, and find the last 72 medals to be the hardest of all.

    I've tried going all HT, all bazooka, all german foot soldiers and nothing really works for sniping TCs.

    Any suggestions for me to get those 72 medals by tomorrow pls? Post your ideas no matter how crazy they are.


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    dont snipe TCs. find bases that dont have blessings, be more patient with hitting next, and go full attack. it actually becomes easier than tc sniping at some point. it helps a lot if you have some stuff saved up in your mailbox, like trade goods from the wintry boxes, to allow you to use mercs and blessings every battle.

    how are you doing on defense? if its not going well, then you might as well try setting up a tc sniper trap where your tc is seemingly exposed but isnt.
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      I found that at some point, bases become too tough to 5*. Then TC sniping becomes the most economical way to gain medals. With French tanks and Training blessing you can retrain the entire army in 5 mins.


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        well I tried all manner of sniping TCs and they fail so I went back to full army attacks. Managed to do 2 more and I am currently 3180 medals (if someone hasn't 5 starred me while I am writing this).
        I need 1 more 5 star battle and I will reach my goal....

        For those that are interested to follow this goal, then be advised that you need 155 army capacity, full factory atomic level army and cwa barracks troops. Generals above 21 level at least. Enemies are from 220-300 level. And even low level cwa bases 220-240 can be tough!
        And many many blessings and trade goods.... Luckily I had too many trade goods from all the expeditions and used them wisely now.


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        Bookmarked 😍
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          Looking forward to seeing you back at 800 medals when you’re done.
          If you’re planning on staying up at that altitude then leaving your TC exposed is actually a good thing. Sure you’ll lose medals but you’ll also get a nice PT, which gives you some R & R. Then you just need to gain more medals per day than you lose in attacks.
          Should be easy enough if you’re only being attacked once or twice a day.
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            I got to 3202 after 2 more battles and got the 2k crowns!

            some facts about fighting up there:

            - after you log off from the game, you only have a few mins before someone attacks you...always!
            - when you search for bases to attack and finish a battle, next time you start searching, you go through the same bases that you pressed next earlier (i.e. i skipped through a mexican base 3 times, through a turkish base 4 times)
            - almost everyone has defensive blessings active
            - to get to 3200 medals, I had to spend 150 crowns in tactics retrain, more than 300 trage goods from my inventory for blessings and mercs, a few normal troop cards, all tactics and recruits from my inventory and 7-8 days in total. I could have achieved that faster but christmas holidays cut off my playing time.

            now starts the descent to the depths of tartarus aka 200 medals


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              I'm about to start climbing after maxing several stuff. One question, is this medal climbing easier at lower ages? I saw Loonies successfully sat on top 5 while still being Gunpowder πŸ˜‰
              If was easier then maybe I'd pursue it as fast as possible for all other accounts! πŸ˜†
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                i dont know but loonies said once that it was a really hard process, very time consuming.
                My climb was easy up to 3000 medals. All battles were 5 star against equal level bases.
                I dont know if you will make it at this level. I believe you need to wait a little longer.


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                  Congrats on making it! I am level 171 global age British, going up to atomic age next week. If I reach empire I get a nice crown bonus too, do you think empire would be reachable once my troops are atomic level? Thanks


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                    yes it would be reachable although you will struggle a bit at the end. Try not to rush it but take your time. The only reason I rushed it was because there is winter for the ages and wanted the crowns


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                      Ok, thanks for your help!

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                    Congrats! I might try it after my alliance gets to level 15 perks so we can go back to 3 wars/week, and I don't have to be ready for war/donating war troops all the time. I assume you were a less than ideal ally during your medal climb, not donating much and requesting a lot?
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                      rofl yes that is so true.....too many requests....I wasn't kicked though...The folks at Tactical 31 are patient and kind people.

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                    I have been thinking.
                    If, the theory is correct about mp league algorithm and we will attack and be attacked by 1 age (or 2 for CWA, I guess) above or below, then ages before GA might be perfect to start with!
                    Gosh, I feel it would be too late in later age 😭
                    Actually I'm going to try this out with my smaller accounts, luckily I have 2 young GPA and 2 crappy Indies πŸ˜†
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