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  • Heavy Tank strategies

    Hey guys, currently global age British and starting to experiment with heavy tank raiding. I’m planning to go atomic during the rush and also considering switching to German seeing as factory units seem to be the new way to go after the rebalance. Haven’t tried them in wars yet, still using a conventional army setup. Having a bit of trouble keeping them alive against stronger bases.

    Just wandering what what are the most effective ways to use and support the heavy tanks during raiding and wars.

    What tactics are people finding to be most effective for supporting heavy tanks?

    How are people dealing with anti tank guns and defensive troops?

    Are you you having more success deploying them in a bunch to better utilize first aids and protects or are you spreading them out in a line?

    Would I be better off waiting to get the atomic level upgrades before trying to adopt this strategy?

    Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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    I switched to heavy tanks after the rebalance while I was still Global Age and haven't looked back.

    In wars I use 3x Demolition and planes to take out anti-tank guns, 2x Betrayal to capture enemy heavy tanks, and 2x First Aid to heal my tanks.

    The biggest problem, I find, is that heavy tanks are so slow that it's difficult to destroy big bases in the allotted time - so you need plenty of support troops (mercenaries, troop tactics and donated troops). That's also why I deploy my tanks in a line rather than bunched together - they can cover more area in less time.

    As long as you've researched chapter 3 of Heavy Weaponry in the library, your heavy tanks should be able to deal with most defending troops quite easily, but if they run into trouble back them up with your planes

    Hope this helps and happy new year to you too!


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      Planes and Heal tactics can go a long way to minimising the need for additional support troops but, as Rogue Squirrel said, be prepared to use additional troops at times.
      Also, be very selective with the bases you attack. This is very important. Bases that are heavily compartmentalized are to be avoided for a slow HT army, unless the walls are low level. Too many times the HTs will go around walls/compartments instead of just shooting through them or if the walls are high level then your slow movers spend too much time trying to break through.
      Newbies with one big surrounding wall were always my favourite!
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        I played the Germans before. They are good but even better if you have the money for the TT. The germans, rightly played always should include the TT because of the 15% applied to the troop tactics.

        The rule is simple: The more compartments the base has, the more howitzers you need to play to support your heavy tanks. And if the walls of the opponent are high, take 2 wallsappers with you and spread them slightly as you create a compressed line attack so you can obtain the quick victory on TC or spread them if you go for the 50%. Make sure you include troop tactics otherwise the germans are just half as good if you ask me.

        tactics-wise: you can be very flexible with the heavy tanks and it all depends on the base. What i wouldnt recommend to use are decoys because they spawn opossition troops, and the heavies are slow monsters and will get caught up. Tactics that are useful for heavy tanks are sabotage and the traitor tactic. Use decoys only when you attack from all sides of the base.
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          King Leo Germans Tectonic Fury is 15% damage applied to all offensive troops in the next war/MP battle after a multiplayer victory.
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            NateTheGreat Yes, i am aware of that, but it also applies to TT.


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              Ah, it was confusing the way you wrote it. Just wanted to be clear that 15% applies to all troops after the victory.

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            So I ain't no HT pro, but I was coached by one 😊
            Line them, don't deploy altogether. Deploy in front of most annoying defense eg. air defense, watch towers,
            (if they were exposed) or areas where there are most buildings. Most of the time you will find that getting 50% destruction is better for quick victory rather than town center rally, since HTs are slow and will possibly get caught once they approach the middle.
            I still use decoys though (a lot), since decoys activate traps so they wouldn't hurt HTs. Other options are sabotage, if there are clustered towers ; and first aid. I never used protect on them. HTs will always need aircraft backup, especially when they approach anti tank guns. They backup each other actually, HTs destroy the towers, and aircraft destroy anti tank 😁

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              I traded 1 HT for 3 vet commandos and I like the results. Previously, I was using 5 HT & 2 healers.