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All-Nation Global Age Troop Composition

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  • All-Nation Global Age Troop Composition

    Here is a Global age troop composition suitable for any nation and fun for multiplayer attacking. Ideal opponents would be Industrial age bases where planes can reach the ATG's.

    2 heavy tank mk3, 2 tanks, 8 heavy bazookas, 4 field mortars (fully researched), 2 heavy supply trucks, 2 assault infantry, 4 fighter mk6, 1 General, 4 betrayal, 2 sabotage, 1 first aid

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    All those tactics per match? Or to have, just in case?
    Very oil rich army. l would swap 3-4 bazookas and barracks tanks with shooters instead.
    Would like to hear your reasons for choosing mortars over artillery.
    Sour grapes make whine.


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      The tactics are for situational use, although using betrayal on defending HT’s is more common.

      My impression is that the rebalance altered battlefield dynamics in such a way as to specifically neuter artillery. The problem seems to stem from the need for artillery to enter an area and eliminate buildings in a few shots rather than chipping away at them with many shots. Da Vinci’s research was highly valuable because it actually made that power more effective—every building that could be killed in one shot instead of two, or two shots instead of three meant a massive temporary increase in attack speed not only for the artillery unit itself but for nearby units too. That made a huge cumulative difference over the course of a battle. It also enabled the army to hang together and compensated for artillery’s countervailing disadvantage: the need to pull troops together occasionally to re-concentrate force and keep artillery safe. Without the ability to capitalize on its power, artillery lost its advantage but kept its disadvantage. Using artillery now is like wading through wet cement. It begs for alternatives.

      Meanwhile, the massive buff to defense reduced the number of bases that could be attacked feasibly with any combo. But that could be countered by composing an army with enough tough units to cut through bases irrespective of layouts that would have thwarted traditional ranged armies. For example, by trading poorly-designed Global and Atomic bases that you would have previously attacked but would now be wise to avoid, for well-designed Industrial bases that you would have previously avoided but now are free to attack, you can expand your opportunities contra the rebalance.

      The advantage of mortars arises out of the specific support niche that they fill. Heavy tanks and bazookas do the necessary damage but need help from something that can hit buildings over walls with range. I find that mortars are superior to artillery in that role. While not a perfect troop, their versatility makes them a better fit for an army where every unit heads its own way. They can defend themselves, help wipe out infantry, and with less troop space per unit there can be a greater number of them spreading damage flexibly over a wider area.

      As for the proposed troop substitution, upon trying it I found that shooters are too weak against buildings for the army to clear bases in time. In the past my answer would have been to add more artillery, but now bazookas are the way to go.

      While nobody wants to spend oil on troops, they do want to have fun playing the game. If a new combo restores a measure of fun that is currently lacking then I would say that it is worth the price.


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        Editing a comment
        If that combo works for you and brings back the fun, then kudos.
        Maybe I'm biased with my Brits but I've found a shooter/artillery combo still works. Yes it takes a little longer but it's not quite wet cement for me.
        I've tried the mortars many times to see why people like them but they never do it for me. Yes they can look after themselves but so can my shooters, and shooters fire quicker. And mortars don't destroy buildings as quickly as the equivalent number of artillery, so they miss there as well. (pun intended). In combos where I've had both, the mortars shot at empty ground after the artillery destroyed the building.
        Also, if a mortar troop shooting at a building is attacked, it will shoot at the defender before resuming attack on the building. A shooter/artillery combo can take out both building and defender at the same time, they compliment each other.
        Neither shooters or artillery get in range of towers as much as those crazy bazookas, so my healers weren't exposing themselves to fire chasing them.
        A good combo that moves at similar speed for me would be HTs, shooters, artillery & healers. I use bazookas but as clean up these days.
        We all find our fun in our own ways, right?

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      I'm GA French, and my compistions consists of: 3 S-35s, 3 Howitzers, 15 SMGs, 2 Heavy Supply Trucks, 1 HT Mk3, 3 HMGs, 5 bazookas, 2 Fighter Mk2s, 1 Airship Mk3, and 6 Sabotages Lvl 5. I ask for artillery and ranged infantry, and use no mercs. This loaodut works 80% of the time for 4 starring, and 90% for getting all the loot, especially the oil. If not French or greek, would recommend subtracting one bazooka, one howie, and 5 SMGs, for one tank, and 8 Assault Infantry.