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Global German war combo ideas

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  • Global German war combo ideas

    What with rebalance after rebalance i'm looking at possible war combos. Looks like heavy tank in the mix with 6-8 bazookas from the factory with American coalition (level 6). Perhaps a commando? Is it worth using ordinary soldiers? Protect looks pretty useless now so may use more sab which i fully researched earlier. Am also researching demo tactic.

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    Global is tricky because you do not have yet tank destroyers and enemies are already equiped with silo.. so you are basically handicapped against silo unless you have monster generals. I prefer English in global age as your enemies will also be global with usually still low university and you may not yet be needing that 15% extra attack. Moreover, to protect bazokas you need APCs and you do not have them yet in global age...

    Then.. you have 2 questions. How to distract silo? and how to protect bazokas (if what I understand from your previous message is that you plan to attack with bazokas)?

    If, in your alliance there was any CWA you can use an mk7 as alliance troops to go with your generals. With high enough generals you could take the risk of taking legionnaires as mercenaries to drop with your main army so that you have more troops to protect your bazokas. I am CWA so may completely lost the point but I was global (and German) I would maybe test with Generals + high hp generals, and main army with 3 tanks (first to drop) followed by 6 howies, mercenary legionnaries, 3-4 engineers and rest all bazokas (lost count, 11?). And maybe readapt number of howies vs bazokas (5 vs 13 depending on rival).

    Generals droped far from antitanks and main army in shortest way to silo. Aztecs, mongols and americans as coalitions. How does it sound?

    Being atomic is easier because you have tank destroyers with your generals and you substitute your tanks by APCs (+1 APC of the extra barracks)


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      I’m Global age and I use mercenary jagpanzers+generals to distract silos with good results. Not as good tank destroyers as far as I can tell, but they get the job done as long as you support them with aeroplane fire and don’t deploy them too close to anti tank guns.