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How to use the museum artefacts

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  • How to use the museum artefacts

    Trying to work out the best combination

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    if you are NOT a cwa with 3000+ medals and lvl 60 generals:

    pottery: oil from oil wells

    jewelry when you log on: all resources looted + oil looted

    jewelry when you log off: looted resources refund

    weapon: whatever buffs you think are vital for your troop composition (btw fighters are vital in ANY composition)

    armour: low priority


    • pckrn
      pckrn commented
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      oh and pottery with vault interest boosts are also worth keeping. switch to the interest pottery before you collect from the vault and then switch back

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    ... and weapon when you log off: Defender Spawn Time

    armor: Defender Hit points and defender damage


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      Best would be to know first what is available within each artifact class. I can start and we complete together the list

      - weapon
      - armour
      - pottery
      - jewelry

      - weapon:
      - armour
      - equipment: spawn time; enemy spawn time, defender pv, defender damage, tower pv, tower damage, all towers pv, all tower damage

      (do not known if fighters pv, fighters damage, mk pv, mk damage go into weapon or armour sorry..)


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        When you log on, anything that will actively help you during your farming or battles such as weapons & armour bonuses for your attacking troops, reductions for the enemy troops and buildings, loot bonuses, vault interest, etc.
        When you log off, anything that will passively help you such as weapons & armour bonuses for your defending troops, bonuses for your buildings, reductions for the enemy attackers, loot refunds, etc.
        Sour grapes make whine.


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          Any advice for those who are too lazy to switch artifacts? 💁🏻
          Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


          • Manifesto
            Manifesto commented
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            Upgrade your museum or get rid of some artifacts.
            Or ask TinSoldier for an artifact switching option, like activating a different base only you load a different artifact combo.
            You're welcome. 😄
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          • pckrn
            pckrn commented
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            until we get that switching function, keep the attacking artifacts on display and dont bother with defending artifacts

          • No Angel
            No Angel commented
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            Good idea Manifesto. I don't want to get rid of my artifacts though. I'm a hoarder.

            Yes, attacking artifacts are mostly the ones confusing me pckrn cause they're usually stacked in one artifact class and have to choose a few over many 😆