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IA/ GA Roman; EA/ IA German & British; GA/ EA Korean Army (Post-Rebalance)

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  • IA/ GA Roman; EA/ IA German & British; GA/ EA Korean Army (Post-Rebalance)

    After the rebalance, me and my friends have been struggling to attack, with their age being before the latter. For the Romans they use 18 Alpini, 3 Supply Trucks, 6 Artillery, and 50 Rifleman. For the Germans they use 4 Cannons, 30 Musketeers, 4 Cuirassiers, 2 Supply Trains, and the rest Junkers. For the British they use 5 Cannons, 50 Royal Yeomanry, 3 Supply Trains, and the rest Fusiliers. For the Koreans, they use 3 Bombards, 2 Supply Wagons, 3 Lancers, 20 Singejeon, and the rest Halberdiers.I'd like to know your and/ or possible troop compositions for their age and the age above (Ex. Enlightenment/ Industrial German and British. They are Enlightenment Age, but I would also like to know troop comp for the next age because Winter of the Ages 2018 is coming up). Thanks in advance!

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    The whole point of the rebalance seems to be to encourage people to use more factory based troops - barrack troops are a lot less effective. The current troop combinations you are using for enlightenment age seem to be pretty good (although I'm not such a big fan of bombards/mortars), But from the industrial age up, I recommend you start using more factory troops - heavy tanks, machine gunners and bazookas. There are lots of of videos on Youtube that show the effectiveness of heavy tank attacks.


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      Heavy tanks though, wouldn't be too effective before MK3, IA would only grant you MK2. And the whole researches for heavy tanks you might not be able to unlock at IA.
      I would say, just keep the mix of cannons, shooters, and footies (+ trucks if you are used to them) until you move to GA.
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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        Low ages have rarely a good developed university. With a good university you should still be able to clean those bases with a barracks based army. However, as soon as you can substitute tanks by APCs and shooters by bazokas you'll gain power for later ages were university and now the museum make the difference.