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Using factory troops after rebalancing..

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  • Using factory troops after rebalancing..

    Are factory troops worth including in wars now? German global 191. I sometimes used HT as a decoy against silos but since the major rebalance was wondering if it's actually worth using bazooka/machine gun etc??

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    I've moved to using factory units exclusively at this point.


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      Originally posted by phil_dee View Post
      I've moved to using factory units exclusively at this point.
      Perhaps combo of HT and bazooka in the mix.


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        My Global Greeks are still kicking butt. Sure, the butts are harder but my regular tanks (plus dropping medals) along with shooters and artillery are still getting the job done.
        People are also saying the French tanks are handling the rebalance.
        It would seem that any tough tank is the solution. At least for mp.
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          I'm French myself. As you may have noticed, I currently made a thread asking for French troop comps, but Greek ones work too. What's your troop comp.?

        • Manifesto
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          I use a combo of HT, APCs, shooters and helis in my British CW army. The Helis have made the game fun again at that level.
          As for my Greeks the combo is 5 tanks, 5 artillery, 40 shooters and 5 footmen (and planes of course). I'm hovering around 800 medals (much as before) and this combo still seems to be doing ok. (touch wood). Used to play at 1200 medals but now you'd be lucky to make 3-4 full attacks without major troops/losses.
          Planes are being used more and they die more often. (can't be helped)
          Very rarely use Generals/mercs/troop cards/alliance troops, unless the loot's worth it.
          Only use betrayal or protect these days but at 800 medals I only use them every 3rd or 4th battle. (on average)

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        French, lv 129 IA here. Abandoned riflemen as their dmg to buildings is irrelevant after the update, replaced them by Heavy Machine Gunners - although their range is shorter, 1x HMG offer much better dmg and HP than 3x Riflemen, and with less units you're also in a better position against splash dmg. Other than that, I use barracks troops only for raids, as the oil cost for planes and hmgs is already more than I wanted to spend.

        Have you tried the full HT setup? At GA they can go up to MK4 and also get +15% aspd from Warfare... it might work, especially if you're Roman (can fit 1 more ht).
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          HTs only go up to Mk3 in GA.

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        Considering factory troops are pretty much the only troops to receive a buff in the rebalance, I'd say factory is pretty important. My current troop mix consists of HT, RPG, and attack helicopters (one of the few barracks troops with a buff). Combined with the museum, I feel like my attack power is pretty close to what it was pre-balance.


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          Not a fan of machine gunners, bweh. Same as commando.
          Seen a few good HT attackers, and always curious to see tactical helis on duty, if any.

          I'm using 8 French tanks in mp, but since you're asking about war troops, I must say yes move exclusively to factory troops. APC bazookas maybe? Or HT MK3 all in (since you couldn't unlock APC yet)
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            Has anyone leveled commandos to their max (infiltrator) and build an army around them? You would need engineers to break walls, some APCs to absorve the damage caused by defenders/and defending buildings, some shooters to gain the interest of defenders, bazokas/greek flames to kill tanks .. etc Thinking all deployed together far from generals and send strategic order to a building to put protection on the main army and let them do the job?

            I mean we know that few commandos are useless. they go in and awake all the defending troops which you do not want to do. But an army of them if it was well supported, goal being destroying troop spawnig buildings fast enough so that there max only one wave?


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              I fellow alliance member used to have like 8 of them. It was working well sometimes but traps were the major threat and he was losing precious units far too often.
              Maybe if they buff them and make them disarm traps, then there will be a different story...
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                far too often.. In war you do not care of how many units you lose if you 5 star the base. So.. it means that it may work if you chose well your entry point? was he using them on high level bases?


                • wrathchild_78
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                  he was losing units far too often...leading him to loses. Enemies that he could 5 star using other units, he was losing to them because of commandos. As far as I can remember, he was using the global version of commando against global bases.

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                Originally posted by True God View Post
                Are factory troops worth including in wars now? German global 191. I sometimes used HT as a decoy against silos but since the major rebalance was wondering if it's actually worth using bazooka/machine gun etc??
                I think being German kind of screams that you should be using factory troops but it really depends on what your preference. I know that one reason that people were hesitant was because of potential oil loss but the costs have been halved so that alleviates that issue. My following opinions are just for war and even now war costs went down a little since you have instant retrain every 10 hours not to mention you only have to use 2 attacks.

                Love bazookas as long as you have apcs or enough troops to protect because bazooka range isn't that much to where they run right into tank guns. Problem is Apcs are atomic and up. You can still use bazookas but be strategic about it because they can get killed fast.

                Machine gunners, still don't like them. Cool that they can shoot over walls now (Which they could before but only by accident. If the Machine gunners happened attack someone near walls it would carry over). Their damage went up but they're still not strong enough for my needs. I think sneaking one in with all your troops to suppress could be good but not 8 of them.

                Commandos/any variation of them, still trash. Doesn't matter how much damage they do because they still get killed uber fast by defenders or traps. If it's a cheap base they may prove better but for the troop space required, forget it. I'd rather have have the unit work like the spy and go for traps rather than go for defensive buildings. I also call the spy carmen san diego.

                Heavy Tanks (Especially Germans) probably one of the units that have become more used as they have somewhat emerged as a unit that have come up against the rebalance. Of course tricky to use if you've never gone the route. I do see more and more opponents using them in our wars however not properly as they turn in the scrap metal.


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                  no more traps for the commandos with the new update..


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                    Originally posted by moniato View Post
                    no more traps for the commandos with the new update..
                    I didn't know that. I may use one in next war.


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                      I'm currently cwa level 238 and have been playing German nation for over a year now. My experience has been that factory troops are the way to go. I've had great success with apc/rpg/heavy artillery combos in world wars and am currently using an army of 6 heavy tank mk7. Museum artifacts in the war hall can give huge boosts to heavy tanks due to their crazy high hit points and damage. I think my heavy tank mk7 gets +17% damage and +13% health boosts. Add to that -31% damage from all enemy defensive towers and heavy tanks are ruling the battlefield.
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                        Commandos are still too slow to effectively take down defenses with any speed. If they increased the movement speed by 300% ( with a comparable troop space increase) coupled with the trap ignore then commandos could be very useful. Right now they are still just a novelty if not a disadvantage and waste of space.

                        Machine gunners need +1 range to be effective at distracting defenders and avoiding 1 shot by anti-tank guns.
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