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Global/ Atomic French Army Composition (Post-Rebalance)

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  • Global/ Atomic French Army Composition (Post-Rebalance)

    I am currently Lvl 157 Global French. My army comprises of 5 HT Mk2 (going to become Mk3 tomorrow) with 15 Heavy Infantry for clean-up, and 4 Mk1 Fighters. My tactics are 2 Protects and 2 Meds. I ask my alliance for Artys and Ranged Infantry. I don't use mercs, but I am currently working towards an IA merc camp. The reason I want another army comp is because not only does my current comp only work 75% of the time, never getting 5 stars, but I want to work my other (already global age upgraded) army units, like the French unique unit and howitzers with ranged infantry. The rebalance ruined barracks troops, but I was wondering if anyone has success with them still (not just the French) because I don't want to have them be wasted. Also, what is your army comps for (not just French) AA? I will be moving to AA during the Winter of the Ages 2018. Thanks in advance!
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    I am also in the 1800 medal range. I was in the 200 medal range until I did lots of suicide missions with raiders to get out for the cheap HT upgrade, so I'll probably be back there soon, but I haven't been able to get past 2020 or so.


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      upgrade your fighters before anything else. this is very important
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        I have mixed feelings about sharing strategies. On the one hand, the rebalance is major suck and nothing is going to make the game like it was before. On the other hand, it maybe doesn’t have to be quite as awful as what some people are going through. I’ve felt both sides of it.

        A good rule of thumb for Globals is to hit bases lower than level 180 (give or take depending on your army strength). Most of the bases I pick are Industrials in which planes can reach the ATG’s.

        Here is an interesting Greek combo that gets five stars a lot and is fun to use. We need fun in this game! Substitute the S-35 tank for French.

        7 Hellenic tanks, 8 heavy bazookas, 4 field mortars (fully researched), 2 heavy supply trucks, 4 fighter mk6, 1 sabotage, 1 first aid, 2 betrayal

        For reliability, this combo is excellent. Hit oil-rich bases to pay for the Generals.

        3 heavy tank mk3, 3 Generals, 3 Hellenic tanks, 3 armored cars mk2, 3 combat engineers, 2 heavy bazookas, 4 fighter mk6, 1 sabotage, 1 first aid, 2 betrayal


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          I've been enjoying this composition! I replaced the mortars with 4 MGs and 3 bazookas, and added a bomber. It's very fun to see everything in your way get shredded!

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        i feel pretty strong with my current composition, 5* most bases under 200.
        i'm ~230 cwa with all the troops upgraded.

        10 french tanks, 3 attack helicopters, 3 bazookas, commando, armored car, 5 infantry, 5 fighters.
        tactics: 1x betrayal, sabotage, protect, decoy.
        substitute helicopters or commando for extra bazookas.

        it's stronger than you might think. lead with the tanks in one spot, and apply other troops flexibly.
        get air superiority by taking out towers and AA.
        clean up with armored car.

        manifesto: i have varied the balance of helicopters/commando/bazookas/infantry .... but below 10 tanks things speed up quickly and i make mistakes.
        i know the 'pile of tanks' strategy is less dps ... but it is easier.
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          Have you thought about substituting 4-5 tanks with 4-5 extra helis?
          4-5 tanks can be a nice distraction for defenders while 8-9 helis destroy the towers.

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        I am German trying to understand French troop combos.. In war, do you hit high level CWA bases and 5* them? Most of my team mates are French and in war I feel that those 10 tanks that they release are awaking all the troops in the base. With low level bases is ok but I feel it is not in higher level bases.
        If so, what's your strategy ? group the tanks together with generals and destroyers and use protection before sending them to war and extras + helis to clean up? with the tanks using protection maybe that's enough for the silo and you can avoid using destroyers and so you substitute them by other mercenaris that you can mix with the rest of the army? Other strategies?


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          moniato check this

          watch the replays and read the comments...I have been able to 5 star up to 250 level cwa. I even managed to get a 62% (iirc) on a 275 cwa base without troop cards and Blitzkrieg!!
          Yesterday, I did some friendly battles and 5 starred my base (236 level) without any troop cards so It is safe to say that this build works 100%!

          As for lower age bases, things are really easy. Up to 170-180 you only need your normal army. Up to 200-210 you will need a tactic and/or general + alliance army and 210+ you will need all your tactics. No mercenaries or troops cards so far. Bases from 220++ you will need almost everything depending on the layout and defensive building upgrade level.
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            Thanks a lot Wrath!

            I have fully upgraded helis and I am German too (that 15% extra eh!) so.. I'll give it a try. If in the rebalance the only troops that NEXON improved are helis, bazokas and HT they must be expecting us to use them!!.

            However, I am a bite skeptical when dealing with bases with a fair amount of uni research though.. and how to deal with high generals/bazoka camp. Against LEO you lost all your helis too fast.. and with an APC-bazooka combo (with extra shooters as extras) I am dealing without problem with those bases unless they carry 2D or 3D.

            My questions above, were more directed to understand how a French attacker organizes himself for a highly upgraded base. I saw that they work with a completely different logic that I do not yet understand. I myself try to keep my main army compact so that it can advance fast through the middle of the base and baz are protected by other troops. French attackers scatter tanks and leave them to do the job and then use other troops to clean what's left behind. They support their tanks with 1 or 2 betrayals... (at least that's what they do in my ali). I was wondering if somebody had better strategies with tanks ..


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              better strategy with tanks after 4 stages of rebalance? I don't know if that exists. All I know is that I have fun, I can 5 star hard bases and be competitive again.
              There is still some probability to lose the helis if you are not careful BUT if you are a good attacker with planes then have no fear.
              Bases with HtG and Selassie done are hard anyways. No matter what you bring, they will crush you sooner or later.