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Beaten by Betrayal!

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  • Beaten by Betrayal!

    Today my TC (HP over 140k) was destroyed by my own HT's from bunkers and factories. The attacker very cleverly played to activate my HT-tanks, lured them into my TC with the help of infantery and 1 Decoy. He used 3 Betrayels to take over HT's. The first one was destroyed by a mine, the second one didn't fare well either the 3rd did the trick, congratz!

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    yep betrayal works very well now. I always have 2 with me.
    I use my own mainly barracks troops build with 1 HT. I ask another HT from alliance gate. I use betrayal on 2 more HTs and voila!!
    I have a barracks army with specialty in destroying defensive buildings + 4 HTs killing anything else.


    • Manifesto
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      I'm happy enough to betray a HT and then forget about him. As long as he distracts the enemy from my main army, I'm happy. Takes some of the stress away.
      If he survives, so be it.

    • wrathchild_78
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      the best bases to use betrayal on, are the ones that have the 2 factories close. You summon 2 foot soldiers to kill the factories and if you are lucky, with one betrayal you get 2 tanks!! If they are HT MK5s then all the better!! And they DO survive!! lol

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    In this thread l said betrayal would be the new 'go to' tactic

    Don't say you weren't warned.
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    Sour grapes make whine.


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      Yes, one of my alliance mates has developed a sneaky raid strategy using betrayal. Use a few infantry to gather HTs at the oil refinery and voila, hello 6-8k oil!


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        Yesterday I destroyed my first TC with betrayal, if the bunkers are on the edge of the TC and there are no ATG's it is a piece of cake, really. You only have to get them out, a decoy will work put betrayal on them and hit ralley on the TC, voila.
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