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    What is your alliance name, and what is your player/base name, age and level?
    Cerebral Force (Top 20 Alliance). Davina, Global, 199.

    What other games did/do you play that brought you to Dominations?

    How many alliances were you in before starting your own?

    Why did you start your own alliance?
    A few friends and I decided we wanted a more skill and strategy based alliance, focused on winning wars.

    ​What do your allies do that makes you happy?
    Being polite, friendly, funny. Experimenting, clever thinking and winning wars.

    What do your allies do that annoys you?
    Nothing because annoying people don't get to stay at CF.

    What three game improvements would make running your alliance easier?
    1. Making in game messages far more visible (some kind of alert popup to say a new message needs reading).
    2. Ability to see who is opted in and out of war at any time.
    3. Roll back glory and perk to the start for alliances that ignore a cheating warning. Punishing individuals isn't enough.
    Leader of Cerebral Force - a skill and strategy alliance. World top 50 team. War record: 136-3 (June 2019). Recruiting now, come join our journey!