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Wonders inside walls?

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  • Wonders inside walls?

    Is it beneficial to place certain wonders within walls? Recently i moved to IA and placed Acropolis inside walls influencing stables, garrisons, CP and Colosseum. Previously it was outside my base. My Versailles is outside.

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    Depends on the Wonder. For the Acropolis you dont have to place it behind walls, its considered a standing wonder (its effects are standing) which means if its destroyed it still has an effect on the defender producing building that are within radius. Versailles is the same. Wonders like the Wat will lose their effect once destroyed so its best to keep them behind walls and middle of base.


    • Kambodia
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      I thought the Acropolis effect was gone once it was destroyed.

    • JNation
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      Oh no, its stays.