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Versailles and Barbed Wire

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  • Versailles and Barbed Wire

    Anyone know for sure if the slowing effects of barbed wire within Versailles's radius will stack? Thanks.

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    Sorry, not sure the answer but this post gave me a related question. I know the effect of barbed wire persists throughout the battle. Does Versailles slow effect persist too, or only until destroyed?


    • Kaiser Shag
      Kaiser Shag commented
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      It persists after destruction.
      Concerning thte question of the author I think it stacks but not sure 100%

    • mwolodko
      mwolodko commented
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      Thanks Kaiser!

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    I have Versailles and upon observation I don't think the slow effect stacks. The enemy troops will be affected only to the highest slow amount in the area i.e. if the barbed wire has more slow effect than Versailles then the barbed wire effect will take priority. It wouldn't make sense any other way. Imagine Versailles with 40% slowing and barbed wire with 50% stacked. The troops should slow 90% which is a near standstill crawl. I tried stacking and never seen such an effect. And yes, once destroyed the Versailles effect still slows down troops.


    • Manifesto
      Manifesto commented
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      It makes more sense if the effect of the barbed wire is further reduced by Versailles.
      eg: if barbed wire reduces speed by 50%, then the remaining 50% is further reduced by Versailles' 40%, which is 20%. So the overall speed reduction is 70% .

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    That's a possible but I still never seen troops slowed that much. However, that's just by my visual judgment which isn't precise. TinSoldier Can you confirm the slow stacking effect?


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      I asked CS and their response was that IT DOES NOT STACK, even for barbed wire within the radius of Versailles. The last part seemed a bit redundant but it clarified the matter quite nicely for me. I hope this helps!


      • JNation
        JNation commented
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        Knowing CS answers to other questions I'm not sure if i would trust their response to this...

      • phil_dee
        phil_dee commented
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        ...especially when CS has noted the exact opposite on this issue in the past.

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      You don't have to believe their response. I'm just sharing what I was told. I also rallied troops across barbed wire within Versailles in my own friendly challenge as a test. There was some very slight additional slowing effect when the barbed wire was triggered but it was barely noticeable. The extra slowing was most likely due to the slightly stronger slowing effect of my barbed wire. It didn't seem at all like a cumulative effect though. I think I'll agree with CS's response on this one. Thanks to the people that helped and I hope this helped others.